Two Christmas Special Reads from Revell Books

One of the things that I love about reading Christmas books is how publishers will have shorter than normal stories, but still a little bit longer than novellas in a jacketed hardcover edition. (Although sometimes, I guess these could be considered novellas… depends on who you ask I suppose.) They are pretty on the shelf, elegant enough for gifts, and just the right length to take along on a trip when traveling. Each year I’m eager to see what will come in the year to come. Interestingly this year provided two different faith stories. One is a historical set in the time of the American Civil War in a Shaker faith village and the other is a contemporary in an Amish town. Both are stories of hope.

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Small Town Girl by Ann H. Gabhart

In the autumn of 1941, rumors of war whisper through Rosey Corner. The town practically vibrates in anticipation, as if it is holding its breath. But for Kate Merritt, it seems life is letting out a prolonged sigh. As Kate watches her sister marry the man Kate has loved since she was fifteen, her heart is silently breaking. And even the attentions of Jay Tanner, the handsome best man, can’t draw her interest.

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The Scent of Lilacs by Ann H. Gabhart

The Scent of Lilacs by Ann H. Gabhart Hollyhill, #1 Genre: Christian Recent Historical Fiction Pages: Trade Paperback Date Published: March 2013 Publisher: Revell Books After the summer of 1964, life for Jocie Brooke will never be the same. Life-changing events rarely happen in quiet Hollyhill, Kentucky, and when they do, they are few and far between. But for young Jocie Brooke and her family, they happen all at once during the humid summer of 1964. Though on the surface things are just fine, it seems like everyone in Jocie’s life has something they’re not saying, something they’re hiding from her-and from themselves. As Jocie digs into her family’s past, she stirs up a whirlwind of discoveries. Will she find the answers everyone so desperately needs? Or will her questions lead to truths better left hidden? Combining unforgettable characters, true-to-life struggles, and the perfect dose of humor and nostalgia, this riveting. . .

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Words Spoken True by Ann H. Gabhart

One woman stands ready to defend her newspaper . . . even if it means losing out on love

Adriane Darcy was practically raised in her father’s newspaper offices. With ink in her veins, she can’t imagine life without the clatter of the press and the push to be first to write the news that matters. Their Tribune is the leading paper in Louisville in 1855.

When Blake Garrett, a brash young editor from the North with a controversial new style of reporting, takes over a competing newspaper, the battle for readers gets fierce. After Adriane and Blake meet at a benefit, their surprising mutual attraction is hard to ignore. Still, Blake is the enemy, and Adriane is engaged to the son of a powerful businessman who holds the keys to the Tribune’s future. Blake will stop at almost nothing to get the story–and the girl.

Set against the volatile backdrop of political and civil unrest in 1850s Louisville, this exciting story of love and loyalty will hold you in its grip until the very last page.

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