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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal {Review}

  I have been a huge fan of Apologia Educational Ministries  ~  (http://www.Apologia.com) since I was a long-term substitute at the Classical Christian Education private school nearly seven years ago as they use the Apologia science curricula there. Last year I got my first taste with my own children using their Biblical Worldview curricula and this year I’m so excited to share their absolutely brand new Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal which I have blessedly received for review. We are also going at our own pace, with our purchase, using the Exploring Creation Astronomy and the matching Junior Notebooking Journal as well currently. So far every experience with Apologia texts has been incredible, thus I’m not surprised at how amazing I have found the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal to be. When the journal arrived in the mail I found myself to be very excited anticipating the learning opportunities that. . .

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What on Earth Can I Do? (What We Believe, #4) {Apologetics Curricula Review}

*This post is updated with my new format on May 3, 2015. My decision to homeschool started before my first child was born and one of the things that I have had on my wishlist ever since (just waiting for it to be appropriate) is the apologetics curriculum from Apologia Educational Ministries ~ (http://Apologia.com). It is my blessing to have the opportunity to review the What on Earth Can I Do? curricula. In my experience, apologetics is something that should be a requirement of Christian education, but so often kids are left on their own to figure things out. Sure there is a bit of Sunday School that is give or take whether it is is more than just Bible stories, and you might find an incredible Bible study, but really getting into the nitty-gritty will help today’s Christians better understand, defend, and proclaim their beliefs in this age of increasing moral and spiritual relativism. Matching. . .

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I’m crazy, but leave me alone! I’m Nesting!!

People have asked if I have… started cleaning the house like crazy? Nope. Folding and refolding baby clothes? Nope. Repainted or made a million baby items? Nope and nope. But I will admit that I have reorganized, sorted and completely labeled all the cloth diapers more than ten or even fifteen times. What’s wrong with that huh? It needs to be done! When people like Grandmama or SisterB come and need to change a diaper (that’s why they’ll be here right???) they need to know what’s what right? It’s necessary. So I’ve got my labels from Accessories to Medium gDiapers, Medium Kissaluvs, Medium FuzziBuns, Night Fitteds and Inserts… Small/Medium Wool for AppleBlossom as well as Medium Covers, Prefolds for AppleBlossom in the day and night if necessary, One Size Covers, All-in-One OS Diapers… Newborn Wool, Newborn/Small Covers for OrangeBlossom, Newborn Prefolds (in the laundry being prepped!), Newborn Fitted and AIOs,. . .

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