• Introducing Essentials 2nd edition

Product Review: No Slippy Hair Clippy

The second thing that we absolutely loved to use over our Christmas holidays and is now a daily necessity, in addition to the Dropper Stopper, are our No Slippy Hair Clippys. *Thanks to MaryLenore of BopStarPR for providing some samples for review.* We were in love at first sight!   The one comment that people always make when they see our AppleBlossom is, “Look at all that hair!” It is followed with my stating that, “Oh yes, she was born with it all.” Then the comments on the bows and how precious, cute, adorable, beautiful and so on that they are. It is so true. Our AppleBlossom was born with a full head of long hair for a baby girl and we treasure it. Although it has changed from being darker than my own, to now being a very ginger auburn much like her daddy’s beard, she has plenty of it.. . .

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Product Review & Giveaway: Dropper Stopper

This giveaway is closed, but please still enjoy the review. Over the holidays there were three things in my AppleBlossom’s life that I found to be incredibly valuable. One of which is the Dropper Stopper, the other two I’ll tell you about in the days to come. The Dropper Stopper is an incredible invention designed to “keep cups and toys clean and close” and it does that. Although at this time AppleBlossom is still too little for her own cups, she has reached the point of holding toys and getting excited and then losing them. Such as the main event of her toy collection, Winky the lamb. We have five Winkys just in case one disappears, but when I’m out and about those others do not help me much. What helps is this fabulous tool! The dropper stopper is an accessory that no parent should live without! With its patented. . .

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