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Sew ‘n Tell Friday

Does this still count as Friday? I’m still working hard on my Woodland Enchantress. I’m loving how the snow is a blue and deep purple shade. See that new grey tree or two? I’m loving it! Maybe I will finish it this winter. AppleBlossom (age 5) has finished her rainbow since Wednesday! Can you believe it?! I had the Enginerd stop on his way home to buy her a new kit. She requested a butterfly so he bought her three. She picked on to start as is already nearly finished in just one evening! The new kit has a plastic needle when she was using metal so that’s a step down but we can remedy that next time. This kit is still just needlepoint or a half cross stitch but it is still working on her patience and attention to detail. She is doing so well. One of her kits. . .

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Who wants to hear about a baby?

So… how many people think this post is long over due? Geez… I just haven’t been able to force myself to the computer… But I definitely have been writing blog posts in my head. (Man I miss my old G4!) Anyway. My son, Almond Blossom (probably shorten Almond) to all you blog folk was born on July 14th at 4:27pm, at least I think that’s what time it was… it was five and half weeks ago you know and a bit of a hectic day at that. Birth story in short: 38 weeks 3 days, less then ten but definitely more than five trips to the hospital for pseudo false labor, including 2-3 weeks of prodromal labor staying at 4+ cm. Following two girls with both silent labors that were fast after a water break, we were a good bit nervous. On a Friday, I saw my OB (after she. . .

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Making Babbies, the washable, replaceable lovey blanket

A few days ago, I started making some new babbies intended for the new summer baby we’re expecting. I was so excited about making this blog post and I’ve been taking pictures galore of the process and locating old babbie prominent photos on my computer. Then I started to type of this post, and was shocked when WordPress prompted me to make this …/making-babbies-2/. 2? What does it mean by two?! Well onto searching my archives and what do I find but a long forgotten post from 2011 (the arrival of my last baby and current toddler) all about making babbies. Well that burst my bubble! It even highlights the same main photo I was planning to use in introduction from my childhood! Hah! Hi, my name is Margaret and I have permanent pregnancy/mommy-brain. How are you? So let me refresh that post a bit with old information, new information,. . .

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