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Baby’s First Bible from Thomas Nelson

Here’s the first baby keepsake Bible with the “AWW” factor! The flocked packaging and Bible cover with the precious duckie designs by licensed artist Beverly Luedecke will keep recipients enchanted for years to come. Each tip-in page has a unique design sharing a Scripture message for baby in the sweetest way. Add your own special touches to the presentation and family history pages.

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25% off Twist & Fold Activity Gym (vintage style) at Target

A couple months ago, I let you know how much we love the Twist & Fold Activity Gym from Infantino. Well, I just found out that right now you can get it 25% at Target until TOMORROW August 21st!!! Use the code: TGTINFNT This is a perfect gift for anyone with a munchkin! Also, if you haven’t yet entered, check out the Infantino Facebook page and blog to enter for your chance to win one of five bouncers. The giveaway will be live through 9/1/10.

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Annie Kubler Nursery Song Board Books

A brilliant board book for babies, toddlers and their parents to enjoy together. A great introduction to books through a well-known nursery song and interactive text.

Created for parents and toddlers to enjoy together, these board books feature well-known rhymes and also include musical notation.

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The New Mom’s Guide to Your Body After Baby by Susan Besze Wallace with Monica Reed, MD

Get ready to embrace the new you.

You might have noticed that you brought a new body home along with that bundle of joy. Your feet are bigger, your breasts are like melons, and you still can’t fit into any of your old clothes. You may be asking yourself, “Will I ever feel normal again?”

The New Mom’s Guide to Your Body after Baby helps you navigate the bewildering world of breastfeeding, resuming sexual activity, and finding something–anything–in your closet that will fit. It also shows you how to weather the emotional storms that inevitably follow having a baby. With the insight in this book you will be on your way to celebrating the new you in no time.

You can do this! The New Mom’s Guides are here to help.

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InnoBaby Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food Storage System

Innobaby LLC manufactures SMART juvenile
solutions for today’s smart parents.
From feeding to bedding, Innobaby offers high quality innovative products that are designed and tested by moms.

Our brands include Packin’ SMART, Stack N Seal, Nursin’ Smart, Keepin’ Fresh, DinDin SMART, Sleepin’ SMART, and Sittin’ SMART

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Think Baby Feeding Set Bowls

The elegant design is easy to hold and deep enough for cereals and soups.After the feeding, simply store the bowl in the refridgerator. We’ve even fashioned the lid to be thinkbaby orange, so it will be easy to locate in the pile of lids in your drawer.

– Free of Bisphenol-A, PVC, Lead, Phthalates or Melamine

– Highly sustainable product. Interior made from stainless steel with polypropylene exterior.

– Dishwasher Safe (top rack)

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12 month Doctor Well Visit

My baby girl is 12 months and one week old. *sigh* She’s an itty bitty thing, and the doctor says we’ll have to watch that, but otherwise she’s healthy. In the last day or so she has been more interested in attempting to “bite” the sippy cup and get a little milk from it, but otherwise, she’s still nursing 100%. She nurses on-demand, which can be anywhere from three times during the day to ten times during the day and once or twice at night. We’re trying all sorts of new foods, even though for the most part she still refuses to eat meat. She has however found a new love in peas and corn. So we’re trying to go for that more often. It’s apparently even more of a treat when snatched from Daddy’s plate. 😉 So at 16 lbs 8 oz and 27 1/2 inches in height, my. . .

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Pumpin’ Comfort Kit for Nursing Mothers

If you have been around my blog any little bit since AppleBlossom was born you may know that I’m breastfeeding. It is not something that I talk about much, but it is a fact. Now at almost a year old, we’re still making it. No idea how long we’ll go, not really worried about that. What I do worry about is pretty and proper coverage, which I often get with my wraps and slings and also my Nurf… but that’s another post for another day.

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If this isn’t cute, I’m not sure what is! Hmm… Enginerd, I think I found an excuse to “keep trying…” MUTSY DEBUTS DUOSEAT – – SIGNATURE MUTSY STYLE AND FUNCTIONALITY NOW AVAILABLE FOR TWO! Chester, New Jersey – (July 2010) – Netherlands-based Mutsy, recognized for its modernistic stroller designs featuring a distinctive modular, flexible system, introduces the Mutsy Duoseat, a front and rear seating unit that can be used with their popular Mutsy 4Rider stroller chassis. Mutsy’s solution for parents with two young children (mom can now use her 4Rider chassis even after the arrival of a new member in the family!), the Duoseat is a special insert with two seats that can be combined with the 4Rider stroller chassis. The Duoseat’s compact styling offers the benefit of being able to transport two children without the hindrance of a double width stroller. The seat allows for easy turning in tight. . .

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Infantino Jumbo Wheel Play Space

When I heard the doorbell ring and went to eagerly greet the FedEx man, I was so excited to see that it was a box from Infantino! Inside I discovered the Jumbo Wheel Play Space and as I put it out on the floor of our living room, I could not wait for AppleBlossom to get down their and investigate. My excitement was quelled for a short while as minutes before the FedEx man arrived she fell asleep. *sigh* Oh the rarity when I want her to skip a nap! Well I gave into my common sense and let her sleep, but when she did awaken, boy was she in for a surprise! The Jumbo Wheel Play Space is packed with fun and space for crawling and tummy time activity. Strategic activities such as a detachable mirror, teethers and an easy-to-press flower which plays a 15-second musical tune are placed. . .

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Infantino Fold & Go Bouncer

As I have discovered, not everything goes according to plan when you have a new baby in the house. In our example, a few months before AppleBlossom was born we discovered that the Enginerd was being laid off and then two months after she was born we were off moving from Georgia to Tennessee to start a new life and a new job at a fabulous company. It was only last month that we were able to finally sell our house in Georgia. During this time there was a lot of back and forth. Driving to the house in Georgia, my parents house, my brother’s house, the Enginerd’s parents house, the Enginerd’s sister’s house. Many of the times it seems the only chair that we could put AppleBlossom in was the carseat, and after hours driving that was not ideal. She needed something soft and playful. We were lucky to. . .

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Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym

One of the fears in the back of my mind as we obtain various baby items is where will I put this when she’s older? I do not want to get rid of them, since I want them around for future children… hmm… storage issues! Another fear that I have in general is that while she’s this little anytime we socialize she’ll just have to play here and invite people over — we cannot go anywhere because her toys just do not travel well. *sigh* Well I am uber glad to have found the Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym! Similar to the way you twist and fold up a Pack ‘n Play/travel yard you can do the same with this little gym and off you go (or into the closet it goes!). I love smart toys that think beyond the play time! The Twist & Fold Activity Gym All. . .

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