Cross Stitch

Last year was the last time I finished a cross stitch project (well there are these bibs that are complete except for some outlines, but AppleBlossom is too far beyond using them – wouldn’t use them for food so much as for a drooling baby). The quilt was for my niece, SisterL’s #5. Now I am making a Baby Hugs Bunny & Bear matching sampler for my new nephew, SisterL’s #6. I’m also going to start a different one soon for my brother’s son (four months younger that AppleBlossom). And just started today, I’m going to make a birth sampler for my AppleBlossom. (I’ll come back to the boys…) this one just arrived in the mail. It could not be more appropriate or perfect. So how about it do you want to keep track of my journey with status photos?

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