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The Berenstain Bears Get Involved

Children ages 4-7 are not only learning to read, but also forming lifetime morals. In The Berenstain Bears Get Involved, a storm hits Bear Country and homes are in danger of flooding. The Bear family joins a rescue team at the Chapel in the Woods, and their combined selfless efforts save the homes that are in danger. Through this timeless story, children are shown how to respond with compassion in moments of community crisis.

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The Berenstain Bears: Faith Gets Us Through

In this newest Berenstain Bear Living Lights I Can Read, Scoutmaster Papa Bear says he knows absolutely everything there is to know about caves. So why doesn’t he know the way out? Level One early readers follow the Bear Scouts as they explore Spooky Cave trying to earn their Cave Adventure Merit Badges and are reminded along the way that God is always by our side.

Based on the previously published The Berenstain Bears Lost in a Cave.

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The Berenstain Bears: God Made the Seasons

All-new Berenstain Bear books in the popular I Can Read format.

In this new Berenstain Bear Living Lights I Can Read, Level One emergent readers learn that winter, spring, summer, fall-every season-is a gift from God in Bear Country. Young readers join Brother and Sister Bear for a year of sledding and skating, biking and swimming, and even heading back to school. It is a year for good times and celebrating God’s gift of the seasons all written in easy-to-read rhyme.

Based on the previously published The Berenstain Bears All Year ‘Round.

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The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals

The whole family will enjoy The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals-parents and grandparents for its teaching of Christian values and reading skills, and children for its fun lift-the-flap feature and colorful illustrations of God’s creation.

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The Berenstain Bears’ Dinosaur Dig

The Berenstain Bears continue their adventures when Brother and Sister go digging for dinosaur bones.

When Brother and Sister visit the dinosaur museum, they luck out. A real dinosaur dig is taking place! What sort of fossils will they find? A Stegosaurus? A Spinosaurus? The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex? Dig in with the Berenstain Bears to find out!

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The Berenstain Bears Honey Hunt Helpers (I Can Read!)

Just in time for summer, both books are sure to rouse young readers to action, inspiring them to get outdoors and spend their free time spreading a little joy and good will in the community by helping others – whether it be the homeless or a family member.

Mike and his late mother Jan Berenstain use simple sentences and playful illustrations to teach emergent readers, ages 4-7, the importance of volunteering and helping others.

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The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Brother, Sister and Honey Bear learn that there is more to Easter than chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jelly beans when their Sunday school teacher has them sit in on a play entitled The Easter Story. This new book evokes the true meaning behind Easter as the Bear cubs learn about Jesus’ resurrection. Young readers learn that while it is okay to indulge in Easter goodies, they must not forget that salvation is much sweeter than candy.

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The Berenstain Bears Get Ready for Christmas

In this Berenstain Bears® Living Lights™ lift-the-flap book titled The Berenstain Bears Get Ready for Christmas, the Bear cubs search for their collection of beautiful Christmas figures for their Nativity scene. Thirteen fun lift-the-flaps reveal the many places that Mama has hidden these family bearlooms.

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