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Real-Life Homeschool in the Creative Madness Blossom School {Blog Hop}

Today and the days during this week upcoming are special, it is all about Real-Life Homeschool. Because knowing me, you know that everything is always peachy right? For one, we never get sick and have incredible immune systems and energy to jump right in and study the day away! We read multiple books daily and my kids are about ready to become tutors themselves. Okay, now that is farfetched ‘eh? Now, now, before you harass me, stick around this week and get a peek into the Real-Life Homeschool of the Creative Madness Mama Blossom School as we participate in the TOS Blog Crew Blog Hop. Right now for us life includes an eager to learn 5.5 year old super hero AppleBlossom, her semi-shadow princess little 3.5 year old sister OrangeBlossom, and their always smiling mama’s boy baby brother nearing 8.5 months old. I’m holding Almond boy nearly throughout the night. . .

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Button Swap Blog Hop!

Say that ten times fast… So this is apparently Hop #2, but I just discovered it today thanks to Ramblings & More. Welcome to another Button Swap Blog Hop!  Where bloggers can get together and swap buttons to help promote and support each other. Over at Blogger Chix Designs, bloggers are encouraged to be proactive and involved in growing their blogs.  Swapping buttons with other bloggers is going to get your name out there so new readers can find you, which will increase your traffic.  So whip those buttons out and get ready to swap till you drop :-). Guidelines: 1. Grab the Blogger Chix Designs button HERE and put it on your blog/blog roll (first link on the list).  Leave a comment while you’re there and she’ll grab your button and add it to her blog roll too! 2. Add the blog hop list (instructions below list) to your Button Swap Blog. . .

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