Blossom School: Monday, April 22nd, 2013

[Old post, stuck in drafts. Enjoy months late.] Calendar Time The Children’s Book of Virtues, p. 38-39 “Boy Wanted” – This is neat and I think has finally cinched it that I’m going to buy a second copy of this one from the local used bookstore that I saw for my nephew. I think it would be a great gift, because we are really enjoying it. The Lion’s Storyteller Bedtime Book, p. 69-70 “The Knee-High Man” – The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature, p. 98-99 Things People Do, p. 16-17 “The Farmer” Music: “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad“, and later after literature time “Sing a Song of Seasons” Math: Recitation: What are two types of numbers? Odd and Even (printable packs from Homeschool Creations) Rod & Staff Inside and Outside, p. 44 Handwriting: Alphabet Book #2, p. 50-54 (playing a little catch up) Handwriting Without Tears My First. . .

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Blossom School: Tues & Wed, April 16-17th, 2013

I’m so tired today. Physical therapy was all I could make it to this morning as I missed Yoga. My bed just wouldn’t let me go. I’ve added back a  song that I mistakenly deleted from my playlist on the machines from Kelly Clarkson, (What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You) Stronger. I’ve decided that is my workout song, so appropriate. Yesterday was a bit of an odd day, I was expecting to have the fourth part of my route canal, but all we did was take an x-ray to see how the bone was healing and plan to come back and do another one in four weeks. I’m actually not feeling too sick for the first time in forever, which clears up my head and makes me realize just how many reviews I want to get organized and share with you. (They’re all on Goodreads, if you want to have. . .

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Blossom School: Monday, April 15th, 2013

“Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” – Colossians 3:13 Forgiveness: I treat someone as if they never hurt me. AppleBlossom’s quote: Like when I’m bad, and I ask if you forgive me and you say yes.  Mama: Yes sweetheart, 77 times yes. The Children’s Book of Virtues, p. 19 The Tortoise and the Hare Eric Carle’s Animals Animals, p. 74-75 (Horses) The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature, p. 88 (Mammals) – I need to go through and double check on page numbers. The P4/5 IG has certain numbers and while my original Big Book of Science were just the combined individual books with the original page numbers. The new 2013 edition is numbered from the front to the back, but it appears that these are seemingly off from the P4/5 suggestions, because it wouldn’t have made sense to start on p. 87 as recommended, but 88… so. . .

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Blossom School Calendar Wall

Life is sooo crazy! I am behind on practically everything I want to tell you. I almost do not know where to begin and I cannot believe that the year is half over. I guess 2012 has been a bit impersonal on my blog and I’m sorry. We’ve just been sick again and again. Trying to keep up with reviews, much less anything else has been just well, non existent and I apologize. I decided to do a Project Life and that has not gone very far either, but perhaps it will. Let’s see… In this post I want to update you on Blossom School. I’ve been working pretty hard on our calendar wall, and it is still a work in progress. I’m trying to make this quarter of my quilting den very education friendly for the girls. We’re not going to have a classroom per say, but this ought. . .

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my About Me Page

So this is verbatim my About Me Page, but I thought you might want to see it and might not stumble upon it. So here, all copy and paste into a post just for your benefit. You’re welcome.

Updated and Edited March 2012


My Stick Family from


Evening. Well at least it is for me, or actually looking at the clock I do suppose it is almost morning. Yet again, just because it is that time for me here and now does not mean that it is for you there and now or then. Hmm… No matter what time a day it is, welcome. I’m delighted to have you stop by. I started writing this as a Welcome to Blossom School, a side project of Creative Madness Mama, but realized that my bio on the About Page from Creative Madness Mama was written in April 2010!

My profile bio since I started blogging has always said, Young, married, and fully in love. I love to read all sorts of things, but mostly religious fiction novels as well as L.M. Montgomery books etc. I grew up a lover of Anne of Green Gables books and films alike. My daddy and I are genealogists and my mama and I are sewing ladies (see I’ve been cross stitching for about ten years and two years into quilting. It is a definite love! Now, if you update that… still young, still happily blissfully married and definitely still fully in love. At this point (2012) I guess I’d say it’s been 15 years of cross stitching and 7 years since I first started quilting. Although my skill set has not increased equivalently with the years as I’ve added on a few moves here and there as well as two lovely daughters. Known here as my blossoms. AppleBlossom came to bloom in the summer of 2009, while her little sister joined our garden just recently in the late summer of 2011. (Is this blossom thing going to my head?)

Blossom. Hmm.. now where did that come from? Long story short. When we were still living in Atlanta (uh… 2006, I think) I had a T-Mobile Razer phone that I desperately loved and owned for about two days. It was pink with cherry blossoms etched in it. I was signing myself up for some account or another online and needed a screen name. My mother was not crazy about my AIM login at the time (asnugglydarlin) so I went for CherryBlossomMJ (MJ is a nickname I’ve had for life). Then when AppleBlossom came along and needed an internet pseudenom it just worked. Then after polling with friends and blog readers we came up with OrangeBlossom for her little sister. Now in the future… hmm… PearBlossom? But as for a male version, I’m clueless. Always open to opinions on that one. How’s that for a tangent?

My Enginerd husband and I are Georgia born and bred, but from an occupation related move we’ve ended up in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. He does his engineer things and I read books, lots of books, and quilt, and sometimes cross stitch. In my old biography sketch it ended there, but now I also review and review and review. As well as chase a toddler, attempt to potty train on her desire, breastfeed an infant, teach the alphabet, sing about colors, change diapers, wash our cloth diapers, play games full of giggles, enforce naptime, deal with the drama of tag-teamed naptimes(!), nurse an amazingly starving baby, attempt to teach crawling (and tell her that crawling comes first even though she can almost walk), eat goldfish, drink chocolate milk made with NesQuik, wonder why I forgot lunch again and remember that I have a few hundred dozen books to read and review waiting… Life hasn’t changed, much.

I have always been a book-a-holic and ever since entering the book review world have completely fallen in head-over-heels (original bio said hills, *snicker*) and hope to never leave my little library. As an attempt to show my mother and sisters what I am up to I created Creative Madness Mama where I post pictures of current quilt projects and many many book reviews. I thrive on Historical Fiction, but love many others as well. (See

I have a background with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and an Associate of Science in pre-Nursing. As of August 2009, I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mama) to a perfect baby girl with bloggy-love referred to as AppleBlossom (been over that already, remember the tangent?). We since added OrangeBlossom as well. We cloth diaper and plan to homeschool. My blog is open for guest reviews on various topic an in addition to book reviews, I am open to product reviews as well for various maternity/baby/family items that are completely worthwhile and need to be known and promoted! Most recently we’ve also started in on reviewing Movies, TV shows and even curriculum.

You can find me many places: