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Product Review: Bravado Bras

About mid pregnancy, one of the first things that I noticed about my changing shape was that I could not comfortably wear my current bras. Suddenly, my body was a stranger to me. It was a bit of a bummer too, because just a month or two earlier, DH had splurged on some great Victoria Secret for me. *sigh* Enough of that. I spoke to my SisterL (the first source for all things pregnancy) and she suggested that I look into Bravado Bras and nothing else. I also spoke to my friend and at that time fairly new Mama Lindsey and she said the one thing she regretted was not purchasing quality nursing bras. So right then, mid pregnancy, I did the research and splurged on two fabulous Bravado Nursing Bras that I have worn through out my entire pregnancy and also my first almost three months of nursing mama-hood. . .

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