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Bummas Wipes

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy the review! Hi, I am the Creative Madness Mama and we cloth diaper. It’s been about nine months now and we still use disposable wipes. *gasp* I know!!! I’m sorry! I just cannot help it! At first it was just because they were to expensive that we had not bought any. Then we did buy some Organic Imse Vimse Wipes and that was the worst purchase I have ever made in my life! I do not want to get into it. *sigh* Okay fine, they were so poorly made, after the first wash they were all wonky, the serged edges was all picked and pulled and ridiculous and they were not even washed with velcro. Seriously people. Well… not exactly wipes, but in the right direction and in a very happy manner I have discovered Bummas. Bummas are small, soft, luxurious, eco-friendly. . .

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