DIY Crib Guard Rail Teething Cover Tutorial with snaps!

OrangeBlossom is eating everything! Forget the teething ring, she wants cardboard and wood. So now both her crib railing and the toddler railing on her big sister’s bed are getting munched on. Thinking it’s not healthy and it’s definitely not pretty so I needed to remedy that!

In step a search and discovery! I found a good tutorial that I was able to tweak a bit to get what works for me.

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Getting ready for baby girl #2

I’m thinking OrangeBlossom. Is that the common consensus? Chime in! Let me know what you think… So I’m getting ready. The plan (in this new house) is to have the “children” in the room that is off the same hallway as the master until around age eight or so and then if we had to we’d move them to the other side (there are two bedrooms on the opposite end of the house… aka Quilting Den and the Enginerd’s Office/Guest Room). But now that we know it will be two girls, they can stay there and together as long as need be, which is fabulous! So now, I’m trying to figure out how to arrange the room. Right now there is one crib in our bedroom (plenty of room for it I might add) and AppleBlossom is currently sleeping in it in a toddler bed set up. (Before we moved,. . .

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Designing a Vintage Nursery Decor

This is going to be a wordy post. As this was originally a conversation response on Facebook, but then it got too long for my wall… The nursery originally was painted with a satin kitchen and bathroom sage green paint below a natural wood chair rail installed by the Enginerd with a Vanilla type color above it. The doors to the closet and the door inside the nursery was also painted with the green. The far wall with the window had paneling that we put up that was a beautiful natural color. It was gorgeous. We then had sage green curtains that went to the floor as well. About the week, the Einginerd finished with the chair rail, we found out that he was going to lose his job with 90% of everyone else and we had to sell our house. We now live in a rental, and AppleBlossom is. . .

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