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Fresh Produce Clothing – Summer Dress

After AppleBlossom was born I went back to wearing my early maternity clothes and then later I went back to some “real pants” no elastic waist, and “real bras” not nursing bras for about two weeks before I found I was pregnant with OrangeBlossom. In this second pregnancy I was able to wear the same things and added a new outfit here and there and was pretty set. Now, it has been nine months and I’ve lost 49 lbs. Yes! Almost 50!! The clothes I had before are not right. Now I know it is an often occurrence to discover that your body is not what you know or even recognize after having a baby, but I did not know which direction to go. I needed smaller, but not quite as small as pre pre pregnancy. Also, while some maternity clothes do fit, they are designed to emphasize a baby. . .

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Winter Clothes???

It’s cold. Really cold. What am I suppose to dress AppleBlossom in? The rental house we’re in has gas heat, so we’re keeping it low and have a few little electric space heaters to save some money. It works, but it’s still cold in whatever area the space heater is not. I’m good with long johns, long sleeves, sweater, jeans whatever, but what about my daughter? I know the whole layers bit, but what kind of layers? Today she is in a onsie, fleece pants, and a fleece shirt set. But that’s the only one of those I have in her current size. Right now she’s wearing some 12 months, some clothing her torso is toward an 18 month size, but her legs are definitely still in the 12 month size. I’m not sure what the onsie is she’s wearing today, but one she wore last week was a Carter’s. . .

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Hello World Clothing Company

The basic elements that you want for your baby’s sleeping outfit are softness, ease of a diaper change, and just plain cute. Or at least that is what I want, and that it what I have in our new Hello World Clothing Company SmartZip Sleeper. I was introduced to Hello World Clothing Company through ChicExecs and it is a relationship that I am very happy to have made. Any new mom shouldn’t be caught without the SmartZip Sleeper created by Hello World Clothing Company. Change the way you change their diapers. It is a trend setter as the first babywear to use a two way zipper for faster, easier diaper changes. Zip it up the conventional way for complete coverage, and when it’s time for a diaper change simply use the second zipper pull by the ankle to get at the diaper. This way babies don’t have to suffer through. . .

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