Blogging in an overwhelming atmosphere? Since when!

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For the ones of you that do not know me, or are just now new to visiting (and hopefully subscribing!) to Creative Madness Mama, let me give you a little detail. (I’m sure I should update my About Me Page as well…) It was in the fall of 2007 that I started a blog to share my progress on quilt and cross stitch projects. Shortly thereafter I started reviewing books on Goodreads, and then posting those reviews on my blog as well. Then the children came and it was maternity, nursing, and baby reviews as well and now we have naturally merged into homeschool curricula reviews as we’re starting our adventure into the Second Grade (if you can believe it!). To my knowledge, I’m always amazed at the numbers this blog generates; however, I’ve never made much in affiliates. Now, today I’ve been visiting a lot of new-to-me blogs and. . .

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