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Adventures in Nashville (from a reader’s perspective) Part 1

This past week I was blessed with the experience of an incredible adventure. As a mama of three littles under the age of seven, I do not get out much and I have never before been away over night. As my youngest has recently turned two and is nearly weaned this was the time for a mama adventure. A beloved dear reader friend invited me to share an Airbnb and attend a one-day Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. We turned it into three days and had an amazing time! One might think, what is the big deal getting together with a reader friend? But what if I told you that this friend lives states and many hours away and our relationship was built upon the commonality of our book choices and timing of our addition of children to our families? We are kindred spirits, although we may be in contact from. . .

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In the Arms of an Angel is ready for beads #WIP #xstitch

Well here she is folks. I found one skipped stitch of 815 in her skirt while adding in the @kreinikthreads 002. As well as one skipped blended stitch of 815/3371 too. I will be able to fill those in. But I’m out of 002, so I need to decide if I’m headed to my LNS or online to 123stitch.com. I doubt my @joann_stores will have the #kreinik . #crossstitch #xstitch #WIP #28count #wichelt #morningdew #jobelan #crossstitcher #crossstitching #craftbloggers #crossstitchaddict #crossstitchersofinstagram #stitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #xstitchersofinstagram from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2bABR1O
She is ready for beads. This freaks me out a bit as I haven’t ever added beads to my cross stitch before. I guess truly she is my first more advanced cross stitch. The first one I’ve stepped away from kits and Aida fabrics. I know I have two of the three colors that I need of Mill Hill Beads so we will have to see what I decide to do next. 
While I don’t have a Sticky Bob (box for b
(I’ll edit the post later but for now I’m sharing it as an image post. So I apologize for all the text in the summary feed!) 

Madonna & Child (Joan Elliott) #xstitch

What do you think about #blueberry #Jobelan from #wichelt for @joanelliottdesign #madonnaandchild ? #28ctlinen #xstitch #crossstitch from Instagram: http://ift.tt/28J7lax New project! Chart Name: Madonna & Child JE109 Designer: Joan Elliott Stitch Count: 158w X 207h Finished Design size on 14 or 28 over two: 11w X 15h inches My fabric choice: 28-count Wichelt Bluberry Jobelan – Hand Dyed 51% Cotton & 49% Rayon/Modal. Slightly darker than DMC 211. Materials purchased: Joan Elliott Design Works, Stitchers Inc. In July, for a distraction, I got a lot of new cross stitch projects together including charts and fabric to go with them. What do you think about this one? I have only seen one picture of this project stitched out and she had done a conversion making it very pink rather than red. I definitely think I want to the red. I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it released as a kit. . .

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The Raven & The Raven Queen #xstitch

The Raven is a project the Enginerd picked out for me to do for him. That totally entitles me to buy Mirabilia Nora Corbett’s The Raven Queen for me right? #xstitch #pointdecroix #theraven #crossstitch from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1UZosdV Halloween Project! Chart Name: The Raven Designer: La-D-Da Stitch Count: 161w X 64h Finished Design size:  approx. ~ 10 3/4 X 4 1/4 inches My fabric choice: 30-count Weeks Dye Works Havanna 100% linen – Hand Dyed Materials purchased: Stitchers Inc. Specialty bits & bobs: Hand dyed thread and fabric Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, …    And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;     So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating     “’Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door— Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;—  . . .

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Hello there, dear readers…

Crazy times, ‘eh? Well! My email inboxes are exploding and apparently are incapable of being tamed, but I’m trying! We went on a family vacation to a South Carolina beach and the kiddos all go to be introduced to the ocean and the concept of waves for the first time. That was fun and a good distraction for physical and mental healing. I have been busy cross stitching and going for lots of distraction these days and honestly, I am getting better. Interestingly, I gained a bit of weight with this last pregnancy, but since it did not take the normal route it did not shed as quickly. So please, pray for me to figure that out. I’m hoping a little more seriousness with Trim Healthy Mama and South Beach Diet will help. *Some affiliate links included. I’m working on some children’s picture book reviews. I just finished an amazing. . .

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#HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #WIP

“Spring” by @RuthLSanderson. This is my third started #HAED project. New start for 2016 Challenge 3. #xstitch #crossstitch from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29aS8HE Stopping point for the day. Also the end of these colors in the first row. Picking up a never ending color tomorrow! #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed Challenge 3. 1×1 on Laguna. #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchersofinstagram #ruthsanderson #summer from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2999K8r Progress on HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #crossstitching #crossstitcher #crossstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed #heavenandearthdesigns #ruthsanderson from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29npfeo

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Patriotic Angel #xstitch #WIP

Done for now. Gonna put it away until New Years or another patriotic holiday jumps on me. I should be able to finish it in another session or two. Just a little more background detailing and some backstitch words. #xstitch #angel #patriotic #july #july4th #dimensionsgoldcollection #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #craftbloggers #crossstitchersofinstagram from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29ssGNj

“In the Arms of an Angel” #xstitch #WIP

Hair and skin is complete on angel and baby as of today. Now to work on her dress. “In the Arms of an Angel” Lavender & Lace designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. Stitched on 28ct Wichelt Morning Dew Jobelan. 2×2. Skin 1×1. Stitched and hair color conversion by Margaret Chind, Creative Madness Mama. #xstitch #crossstitch #embroidery #sewing #needle #angel #mood #miscarriage #lavenderandlace #jobelan #28count #morningdew #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #pointdecroix from Instagram: http://ift.tt/293PFMs

It’s been nine days since my miscarriage…

Hi all. I’m not ready to come back to the internet. I’m not ready to return to my blog. I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to pour out all my emotions. I’m not sure if I’m ready to share my thoughts. I owe you some reviews through the TOS Crew. (LearnBop, MySchoolYear, Veritas Press Online Self-Paced Bible.)  Until I can get them from page to post, please feel free to read the crew reviews. I also owe you a few book reviews. Know that I am enjoying Sarah Sundin and Michelle Moran as per usual as a one statement recommend their latest reads. Reviews to come. I need the fog to lift a little more first. Pretty much the only online interaction from me is sporatic updates from instagram across the social networks sharing progress on my “In the Arms of an Angel” cross stitch Lavender & Lace piece which. . .

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Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (June 2016)

Starting an old #ufo #WIP getting ready for #july “Patriotic Angel” from #dimensionsgoldcollection I want more of these Angels!! #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #july4th #patriotic #usa from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1Ym1Ud9 To start another #WIP #HAED or not to… Should I jump in this year or wait another? (The Enginerd has not made me another frame yet…) #heavenandearthdesigns #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix @RuthLSanderson #ruthsanderson from Instagram: http://ift.tt/25SvIjM Ready to start a new project. “Enchanted Aurora” by @joanelliottdesign #WIP #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #ohcanada #crossstitchersofinstagram from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1PLwo6B My place for stopping stitching after a good evening #WIP #xstitch #crossstitch “Enchanted Aurora” by @joanelliottdesign I went out today and bought all the rest of the floss that I needed for this project and @hobbylobby had it all! #joanelliott #ohcanada #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitchersofinstagram #needleminder from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1UID0OU “Canadian Beauty” by @joanelliottdesign #WIP #xstitch I thought this was an appropriate design with colors to focus. . .

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Floss Tube Or Not To Floss Tube?

Funny thing, I wrote this post then was confused when I couldn’t find it. I accidentally wrote it on a old blog test site from my iPad and not Creative Madness Mama. Oops! I finall found it, however.  Lately, I have really been spending a lot of time getting back into the groove of cross stitching. Truly I would say that cross stitching was my first crafty hobby. I started out with stamped quilted baby quilts, then moved on to wall hangings in both a combination of stamped fabrics and small count Aida material. I never really stopped, but I haven’t stitched regularly. It was more as the stitchy-bug hit here and there. When I was pregnant with AppleBlossom was probably the last time I did a big gift project. In recent years I have worked during certain holidays on particular seasonal pieces, but no real finishes. This last fall. . .

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