Current rotating cross stitch projects…

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Someone asked me what project I was currently working on. So I decided perhaps a gallery post would help both me and the curiosity of anyone wanting to know. Thus, my current projects and some I’m itching to start stitching! It is an interesting combination of things. Spring by Ruth Sanderson from Heaven and Earth Designs is my first HAED and my first experience with 25ct 1×1 full cross. Fall Faerie and Woodland Enchantress also both by Ruth Sanderson are my first full fabric projects. I plan to stitch Summer on 28ct to keep it the same design size as the other three, but after working a bit with 25ct, I think that is going to be quite the challenge at 28ct! Snow Queen is going to be my first experience stitching 1×2 so that will be neat, I think. The Fishing kit image is a finished piece I made for my dad.. . .

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Sew ‘n Tell: Fall Faerie and Woodland Enchantress

*Well this is an old drafted post. As my birthday was in mid November.  You want to know a secret? My birthday is next Wednesday. I’ve been working daily on my Fall Faerie from the Dimensions Gold Collection and I’m really enjoying it. I am almost finished with the bottom right quadrant. I’m curious about gridding the next section I work on as I found was recommended in the HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) Facebook Group. This group has provided an amazing blessing to find like-minded individuals just as passionate, if not much more so about cross stitching as I am! I need to buy my supplies for working on Ruth Sanderson’s Spring and Summer, and I’m still looking for bargains. Where do you buy your cross stitching supplies? Now we are about eight days into December. If you have been missing my cross stitch updates you might want to. . .

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WIP: Mermaid Birth Sampler & Fall Faerie 

Well, it seems it is time, so I’ve put my work-in-progress Mermaid birth sampler back in the bag until further notice and I’ve pulled out my Fall Faerie to continue to work on it for the autumn season. I’ve also received a brand new gift in a #teacupexchange and now with the help of my mama have gotten my participation headed toward my new author friend as well. We’ve finally received our copy of the illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m excited to start reading it with AppleBlossom, or rather having her read it to all of us. Now to start on my Fall Faerie!

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