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WIP Weekend


I’ve been enjoying working hard on my projects lately. I’m putting away my Patriotic Angel until the next appropriate holiday. I finished my Be Happy banner and need to get a frame for it, 8×5 I believe. Now I’m working on AppleBlossom’s birth sampler of Holly Hobbie design. I have a mermaid one picked out for the princess, but I’m undecided on Rascal and I need to pick one out for my best friend’s expected daughter to do too…

(Not pictured) I have also set aside the Treasured Friend project for my mama, as I need to look at something other than ivory on kahki stitches for a bit.

This quilt top is finished and waiting on borders. I’m not as in love with it put together as I was when I was piecing it. It’s the first time I’ve ever used charm packs.

Frontier Girls

I’ve put badges on the Princess’ Penguin (pink) vest. I’ve put the Otter level ribbons and level tab on AppleBlossom’s vest and we’re working on re-earning some badges to add back to this level (yellow). I’ve also put a genealogy badge on my vest (well because it’s me and I couldn’t not order that one for me!). I’ve already put the Gen Award on my vest, and we need to add it to AppleBlossom’s vest for her Penguin level accomplishments. I also added a Patriot ribbon to all of our level tabs in honor of my father’s military service in the U.S. Air Force (before I was born). But I also think of my brother-in-law when I see it as well (U.S. Navy submariner).

Who are, or rather, what is Frontier Girls?

When I was a very young elementary school student, I was a Daisy, a Girls Scouts Daisy. My next door neighbor went the full gambit of Girls Scouts I believe. Yet before I got too involved the Troop was disbanded (long story) and my scouting days were over. When I was in the later years of elementary school I participating in something of an afterschool program at a local church that was named something along the lines of Marvelous Mondays or Terrific Tuesdays or some such. We memorized creeds, prayers, and scripture and received pins for our prize as well as pride. I remember adoring those pins and that sash. In my later high school years, I knew a boy who was in a Venturing Crew. I was very interested in joining, but then I was too far away and headed off to college soon anyhow… and thus I was. . .

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Sew ‘n Tell Friday

Hmm… This was a fun week as Grandmama and Grandaddy visited for a few days. I had intended to keep up with my cross stitching but instead I was able to get some things done on my beloved Bernina (with Grandmama’s help and influence!). We completed the girls Frontier Girls Vests and mine is in progress. I had to go back and forth when I was ordering our badges because AppleBlossom is completing more than we can afford to buy. So for individual things that are not hugely something she’s proud of I’m going to have to figure something else out. But I plan to get us organized and go over things officially with them as so far it’s been more on the random. AppleBlossom has finished another!! cross stitch kit, this time a butterfly and has begged to get started on the second butterfly the Enginerd bought her. So. . .

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Sew ‘n Tell Friday

Does this still count as Friday? I’m still working hard on my Woodland Enchantress. I’m loving how the snow is a blue and deep purple shade. See that new grey tree or two? I’m loving it! Maybe I will finish it this winter. AppleBlossom (age 5) has finished her rainbow since Wednesday! Can you believe it?! I had the Enginerd stop on his way home to buy her a new kit. She requested a butterfly so he bought her three. She picked on to start as is already nearly finished in just one evening! The new kit has a plastic needle when she was using metal so that’s a step down but we can remedy that next time. This kit is still just needlepoint or a half cross stitch but it is still working on her patience and attention to detail. She is doing so well. One of her kits. . .

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I’m so tired.

Maybe exhausted is a better word. I keep coming up with things to blog and share. Like Christmas photos, the latest update in my Woodland Enchantress cross stitch progress, just cuteness of that baby who is almost six months old. But then I think I’ll do it later and now we’re a week into January! I have no voice and a fever, again. Again I tell you. I think I had a week or two when I was feeling pretty good but still coughing since the flu hit at Thanksgiving. But now, again. Do you know what it is like to run a normal household day with a three and five year old and not be able to speak? I can barely stage whisper and there is a lot of snapping, clapping, and pointing going on. At least a smile and a poke communicates to baby boy what he needs. . .

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