Quilty distractions…

Needing a distraction. This is my #WIP for the day. #craftbloggers #quilting #quilt #fishing #daddysquilt from Instagram: http://ift.tt/25BvhKD

Working on a new project and mood change. #WIP #quilt #quilting #craftbloggers #mood #behappy from Instagram: http://ift.tt/20Xqa3T

The beginnings of a sewing machine cover for my Bernina 550QE. #sewing #craftbloggers #behappy #mood #quilting #sewingaccessories #bernina #bernina550qe from Instagram: http://ift.tt/25EPaUl

One Word for 2015

*This post was originally posted on February 1st, but has been reposted with added image.* It may be a bit late to be starting out, but all the same these last few weeks I have been considering a “word for 2015” to frame my year. In 2013 I picked the word creative with the hope that it would inspire me to get back to quilting and push me to craft with the girls. In someways it did, and in some it didn’t. I pretty much kept that word for my theme throughout 2014 as well going through the miscarriage, a new pregnancy, birth of a perfectly large baby boy, and seeing the girls change and grow. This year I choose the word up.  I want to get up in the morning and start a full day. I want to look up and truly consider God and His will in everything I do and say. I want. . .

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Oh it’s just Tuesday.

When was the last time when I got excited about going to my computer and writing a blog post or anything on my computer for that matter? I couldn’t tell ya, but I do know it has been a long while. Interesting things about life:   My absolute favorite glassware was a random $1 piece from and end-cap in Kroger one spring and I’ll probably never see it again so I have two goblets I adore with beautiful blue flowers and I think the world might end if one breaks. If I ever found this again, or knew about it the first time around I’d buy more than a dozen (goblets, straight glasses, whatever – I love it). I read blogs now through a Feedly app on my Kindle Fire (I’m not even going to put an affiliate link, because those are causing me irritation these days. However if by. . .

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Good morning ♥

Good morning oh bloggy buddies of mine. How are you? Every once in a while I get request for more personal posts, and really if you read my reviews, each and every one of them is personal in a bit. I’m not a formal reviewer, it’s just not my style so much, but usually they are formal enough to get by. Even though my format for each review is the same (here and there) my thoughts on the books will often give tidbits on my current life. Posts that are bookish, but usually review-free are labeled with {Preview} in the title (unless I forget). On Monday I shared with you my Meal Plan for the week, but did not get out my bookish post, because of a couple things… I have not brought my camera upstairs to download the photos and I just did not have time. This past week. . .

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We just got back from going on a walk, we being our little family, Enginerd, AppleBlossom and myself. It’s Labor Day and so he’s home from work. This summer his group has been experimenting with different hours and arrangements and due to that several Mondays I have had him at home with us and I love every minute of that. (AppleBlossom does too, because she adores her daddy). That’s ending soon, but part of me wishes they would continue it. Supposedly there is a change he might be able to rearrange the time and even though he’ll work Monday through Friday, just maybe he can go in earlier and come home earlier to have more time with us, especially as this point in AppleBlossom’s life is changing so fast, so fleeting. “We went on a walk, wearing our awesome new running socks and shoes my feet felt like they could. . .

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Living Beyond Postpartum Depression by Jerusha Clark

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a far more common and life-debilitating issue than most people realize. At a time when most women expect happiness, the crushing weight of depression and anxiety can descend.

This book is written for the sufferer and for those around her. Author Jerusha Clark’s writing is full of research, her own story of PPD, and Scripture. It will help you process what you’re facing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

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FIRST: Grace for the Afflicted

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old…or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!You never know when I might play a wild card on you! Today’s Wild Card author is: Dr. Matthew S. Stanford and the book: Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness Paternoster (September 5, 2008) ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Matthew S. Stanford is professor of psychology, neuroscience, and biomedical studies at Baylor University, where he. . .

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Losing God by Matt Rogers

Recounting his own struggle with doubt and depression, Matt Rogers explores the question of how, in a world of suffering, we can call God good. This challenging question can manifest itself as a conspiracy of doubt and depression, so that our emotions and our intellect come under attack. Will God deliver us through this distressing journey? Market/Audience Christians struggling with doubt or depression Counselors Pastors Endorsement “A needed book, beautifully written, from a promising new writer.” – Brian McLaren, author/activist “Matt Rogers has something to say, and he says it in a way no one has.” – Tony Jones, author of The New Christians “Matt Rogers shows us throughout this compelling narrative that we are complex beings physical and emotional as well as spiritual. As Rogers points out again and again, our theology should line up with this complexity and thus address the whole person.” – Gerald L. Sittser, Whitworth. . .

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