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The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg {Review}

The Legend of the Easter Egg

Newly Illustrated Edition: The Inspirational Story of a Favorite Easter Tradition Already we know that we love Richard Cowdrey’s illustrations, and he did a great job with his version of Dandi Daley Mackall’s The Legend of the Easter Robin and now an equally great job of Lori Walburg’s The Legend of the Easter Egg. This is a beautifully done glittery cover! The Legend of the Easter Robin illustrated by Richard Cowdrey includes beautiful full-page full-color illustrations that tell a historical and traditional tale for Easter time. Carrying over characters from other Lori Walburg Legends of stories, this book shows a perspective from a little boy with an ill sister with scarlet fever. In this story, the tale of resurrection is told through the curiosity of a little boy and beautiful images as he learns to pray, prays and hopes for health for his sister and for Easter to come. There are also dyed eggs. . .

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Royal Easter Story (The Princess Parables) by Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson {Review}

A Royal Easter Story picture book

From the popular Princess Parables series, an Easter story perfect for girls 4-8.   My 4-year-old Princess loves the Princess Parables series. She doesn’t have a favorite, but she loves to read the books featuring each sister again and again. We love the picture books and the I Can Read! early readers also. Thus, this year, we are very thrilled to add another book to this series with A Royal Easter Story that tells a tale of tradition, of those lost that can be found on Easter and of how Jesus is available for all who Ask, Seek, and Knock. Featuring teaching of Luke 11:9-13 this is a perfect princess themed story to get even the Princess child involved. Gotta love that glittery cover!   The most recent in the Princess Parables is in out Easter Book List! Check the blog for a review. #princess #easter #book A photo posted by. . .

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The Legend of the Easter Robin by Dandi Daley Mackall {Review}

The Legend of the Easter Robin

This newly illustrated edition of The Legend of the Easter Robin, written by Dandi Daley Mackall and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey, renews the wonder and charm of the timeless tale that explores the symbol of the robin and its connection to Easter. We are very fond of Richard Cowdrey and his illustrations from our adventures with Marley the dog and his mischief. Over the last few years, I have really delighted in collecting holiday legends and stories told by Dandi Daley Mackall – the latest of these being The Legend of the Easter Robin. My children need to know that the Lenten and Easter season is about more than just eggs and a bunny. Just as the Advent and Christmas season is about more than Santa Claus and peppermint candy canes. The day that this book arrived, I did not get it hidden fast enough to save it for a surprise. . .

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Kinder Cottage Publishing: Peter Rabbit Books

Creative Madness Mama was sent two books in the Peter Rabbit series for review, I chose to go with Christmas and Easter as I’ve never read a Peter Rabbit story with these topics. The concept and desire of Kinder Cottage is delightful and their job is well done. Kinder Cottage has a wonderful idea and delivers it in a great little package. The quality is wonderful and the preservation of something for a new generation is a delightful concept. I do hope they will continue to publish more and more vintage titles in the future. As is the case with all publishers, I’m not going to like every single book I come across and read, but there is a good plethora of ones that I will!

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Egglo Entertainment Review

In past years, I’ve been all about pastel eggs; however, I’ve never before had glow in the dark eggs! We will welcome this new experience as we are blessed with the opportunity to review Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure from Egglo Entertainment. What a fascinating idea to bring in a conversation piece about “seeing the light of Jesus”. Easter egg hunts are fun and exciting, but aside from Resurrection Eggs (which I only discovered last year) and little scripture verses, what do people associate the egg hunt with the real meaning of Easter? When I was a child I remember the hunts, they were at church and I hear the story of the resurrection as well as had the fun running around with classmates and chocolate discoveries, but I don’t remember the eggs having a real equaling Christ meaning outside of the idea of egg equaling new birth, and. . .

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Easter Children’s Books

Here’s a handful of books we loved and a handful more we would love to discover. What books are you enjoying this Easter Season?

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Happy Easter Curious George

Happy Easter, Curious George is a winning holiday story based on H. A. and Margret Rey’s popular primate and painted in the original watercolor and charcoal style. One fine Easter morning, George and the man with the yellow hat head to the park. George can’t help but join in the fun when he sees children dyeing Easter eggs . . . but what’s that man doing with their prized creations? Each hardcover gift book comes with glittery egg-decorating stickers!

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Easter Devotion about Crucifixion – PG13

Several years ago I received a forwarded email that told of a crucifixion from a medical examiners point of view. This remains to be one of the most moving devotional pieces that I have ever read in dealing with with Easter. Now keep in mind this is not focusing on the resurrection part, but on the dying part full of pain and reason. Jesus gave his life. Christ died for me, for you, for all of us. He went through it all, so that we might be spared. Every time I read this it amazes me again. Before you read it, please be aware this is not for young eyes necessarily without parental guidance and it is painful to read and acknowledge.   What is crucifixion? A medical doctor provides a physical description: The cross is placed on the ground and the exhausted man is quickly thrown backwards with his. . .

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Toddler (and Mama and baby sister) Adventures ~ 32 months

Has it really been since January 20th that I updated you on Blossom School? Seriously? Wow. I guess it got away from me in all the sinus stuff. Well you’ll be glad to hear that I have been feeling much better and antibiotic free for probably a month, now that it is April. Let’s see… where to begin… Already AppleBlossom is very interested in having OrangeBlossom involved in most everything she does. Apparently it is her baby, and I’m just here to feed her (and change her). They definitely love each other’s company and that makes me feel truly blessed. 🙂 I am almost finished with SisterB’s Wuthering Heights Quilt. I have two more border sides to put on and it’s ready to be quilted. The only snag is that I still cannot afford the machine to be able to machine quilt it myself… so I’m trying to find someone. . .

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Precious Moments: My Easter Bible Storybook by Thomas Nelson

This case-bound padded board book from the Precious Moments brand makes it easy to share the story of Jesus with little children while teaching them about God’s love for them. Little ones will love the soft inviting illustrations of Precious Moments. Scriptures are from the International Children’s Bible,® the first translation created especially for children. Large, readable type encourages children to read along with their parents the story of Easter and the true meaning of this important holiday.

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Simon and the Easter Miracle by Mary Joslin, Anna Luraschi

Together with sophisticated artwork, a picture book retelling of a traditional European tale, with the events and meaning of the first Easter at its heart

Both thought-provoking and engaging, this is the story of Simon of Cyrene —”a man coming in from the country,” as the Gospels refer to him—who was ordered to carry Jesus’ cross. Over the centuries, his story has been woven into Polish folklore; when Simon the farmer brings his wares to market, little does he expect how he will be involved in the events of that very special day, nor how his produce—of bread, eggs, and wine—will become important symbols of Jesus’ passion and resurrection, remembered throughout the ages.

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Red Envelope – Get your Easter Baskets and Gifts!

Not long ago, I was approached with an opportunity to review something for a neat online gift shop called Red Envelope specifically for their Easter promotions. I was quite excited. Through some confusion, I placed an order and discovered apparent miscommunication as I did not receive what I expected. And what I did receive seemed to be far inferior to anything that the price should have provided. At first I was pretty frustrated because this was one on a fast deadline. However, the customer service people were excellent. I was able to talk to someone promptly and there was not an automated forever hold like you’re often used to with such sites. The woman that I spoke to helped to straighten things out very quickly and I had a refund into Paypal instantly. Then round two, the publicist and company worked with me to get another chance at getting the. . .

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Easter Card from Shutterfly – Free for shipping!

5×7 Folded Card Shutterfly has some pretty friendly things coming into my inbox lately. If you’re not on their mailing list you might want to be. The other day I got a code for a free photo book, you may have seen that post (if not scroll down a few). It ended up being free for shipping. Then today I got a code for a free card. It ended up being free for shipping (otherwise $1!). Then I also got a code as thanks for sharing the photo book in that last post for $10! Not sure what I’ll use it for yet… Either way. Yay!

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