Ten Sleepy Sheep by Phyllis Root & Susan Gaber

Outside in the farmyard, ten lively lambs would rather play than go to sleep. Off they scamper; off they skip. But the sun is sinking, the stars are twinkling, sleepy eyes can’t stay open, and one by one, ten drowsy sheep drop off to sleep in a cozy country countdown. With rhythmic, lyrical language and pastoral scenes of lambs drifting off wherever they may, author and artist blend the perfect potion to ease even spirited little ones into sweet dreams.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful by Claire Page

An interactive, memorable way to introduce God’s Creation to children.

This beautiful book that looks at the wonder of creation, with each spread focusing particularly on one line from the classic hymn:

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All animals weird and wonderful
The Lord God made them all!

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FREE Shipping from SigningTime!

FREE Shipping from SigningTime! Now until September 30th get FREE Shipping on any order of $100 or more! Our award–winning Signing Time DVDs will help you and your child learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary words. Signing Time has developed a program that truly makes learning sign language easy, entertaining and fun for children of all ages! The Signing Time program has spread by word of mouth to all 50 states and over 20 countries. Signing Time is used widely by educators, pediatricians, home-schoolers, speech therapists, public schools, daycare centers, libraries, and families as the most fun and easy way to introduce children to sign language. Our DVDs are captivating and entertaining for families as well as for children. They teach basic American Sign Language in a fun and engaging way.

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Made By God (I Can Read!)

Lately I have been reading a lot myself about educating a child, one of the things that I have come across time and again is a recommendation for the faith-based I CAN READ! series from Zondervan. New as of this month, August 2010 are a few great I CAN READ! Books in a Made By God Series. These are so great! In the library and at every possible place to buy books I have seen the I CAN READ! books, grocery stores, super stores and chain booksellers as well as our local indie. I never really picked them up, but I’ve been meaning to. Now after experiencing these I know I need to go find more and I’m sure we’ll have dozens of these as her reading years go on. Just right books are judged by: sentence / book length vocabulary and language structure text layout and picture support text. . .

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A You’re Adorable

You’ll be delighted by this delicious traipse through the alphabet–now available in a sturdy board book format that’s perfect for babies and toddlers! Sing along as a lively company of children and pets scamper across these bright pages, climbing over and under and through the letters from A to Z. With warm and charming illustrations by Martha Alexander, this popular song of the 1940s is a ditty for your darling, a song for your sweetheart, a valentine for anytime!

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Annie Kubler Nursery Song Board Books

A brilliant board book for babies, toddlers and their parents to enjoy together. A great introduction to books through a well-known nursery song and interactive text.

Created for parents and toddlers to enjoy together, these board books feature well-known rhymes and also include musical notation.

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BabyGenius: Animal Counting

Introduce children to the fascinating world of counting by asking “How many kittens can you count?” and “How many penguins can you see?”

In this special series, Baby Genius’s stimulating approach to learning comes together with DK’s beautiful photographs and appealing design to create dazzling board books for little ones.

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Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week

Let the trusted authors of Your Pregnancy™ Week by Week—the book you relied on while you were pregnant—guide you through baby’s remarkable, sometimes mind-boggling first year. With easy-to-understand information at your fingertips, you’ll know what to look for and understand what’s happening. This book will provide you with the skills necessary to support and encourage baby’s growth.

Thoroughly revised and updated, Your Baby’s First Year™ Week by Week includes the latest pediatric guidelines and recommendations, plus more than 50 new topics—everything from food allergies to cord-blood banking. It also features the essential milestones of baby’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development on a weekly basis.

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Get your kids into the Bible and the Bible into your kids

The Hands-On Bible uses the same experience-based learning to communicate God’s Word in an active, understandable way. This new edition features updated tip-ins, a portable size for kids, an attractive cover, and online parenting helps. With hundreds of fun, memorable activities (A “Do-It” activity in EVERY feature!) and the full New Living Translation text, the Hands-On Bible is packed with activities that invite kids to crawl inside the Scriptures and experience God’s Word! The Hands-On Bible is loaded with activities that parents and kids can do together. Experiencing the Bible in fun ways makes Scripture relevant and memorable. Features the clear New Living Translation to help children understand God’s Word. A few of the many features include: Hands-On Bible Experiences invite kids to do the Bible with science experiments, crafts, snacks, journals—the ways kids learn best! Full-color Bible Bonanza Experiences introduce kids to the biggest and best Bible stories. Fun. . .

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Infantino Jumbo Wheel Play Space

When I heard the doorbell ring and went to eagerly greet the FedEx man, I was so excited to see that it was a box from Infantino! Inside I discovered the Jumbo Wheel Play Space and as I put it out on the floor of our living room, I could not wait for AppleBlossom to get down their and investigate. My excitement was quelled for a short while as minutes before the FedEx man arrived she fell asleep. *sigh* Oh the rarity when I want her to skip a nap! Well I gave into my common sense and let her sleep, but when she did awaken, boy was she in for a surprise! The Jumbo Wheel Play Space is packed with fun and space for crawling and tummy time activity. Strategic activities such as a detachable mirror, teethers and an easy-to-press flower which plays a 15-second musical tune are placed. . .

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Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym

One of the fears in the back of my mind as we obtain various baby items is where will I put this when she’s older? I do not want to get rid of them, since I want them around for future children… hmm… storage issues! Another fear that I have in general is that while she’s this little anytime we socialize she’ll just have to play here and invite people over — we cannot go anywhere because her toys just do not travel well. *sigh* Well I am uber glad to have found the Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym! Similar to the way you twist and fold up a Pack ‘n Play/travel yard you can do the same with this little gym and off you go (or into the closet it goes!). I love smart toys that think beyond the play time! The Twist & Fold Activity Gym All. . .

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Cecil & Friends: Cecil and the Lost Sheep

Cecil the Lost Sheep by Andrew McDonough Genre: Juvenile Fictino/ Christian/ Early Readers Pages: 32 Date Published: October 1, 2009 Publisher: ZonderKidz, a division of Zondervan My rating: 5 of 5 stars Cecil the sheep decides to run away and quickly gets lost. When the shepherd goes searching for him and brings him back to the flock safely, they all celebrate! Kids will laugh and learn about God’s love in Cecil the Lost Sheep,based on Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:1-7. After reading Jesus and the Children and loving The Gardener and the Vine when I found out there was a free download of Cecil the Lost Sheep I was very excited to read it as well. I read the book using a flash player as a flip book. This one was different as there were no words, just images but the story was there. I am. . .

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Cecil & Friends: The Gardener and the Vine

The Gardener and the Vine by Andrew McDonough Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Christian/Early Readers Pages: 32 Date Published: February 1, 2010 Publisher: ZonderKidz, a division of Zondervan My rating: 5 of 5 stars Basil, a small branch, meets the Gardener and learns what it means to be joined into God’s family and experience new life in Christ. Kids will see how they are part of God’s loving family in The Gardener and the Vine, based on John 15:1,5. While I enjoyed Jesus and the Children, this one is absolutely delightful. In a beautiful manner, one of my favorite sections of scripture is explained to children. A parable in images and short phrases is a perfect educational tool for showing just how much the Creator loves his creations, and what he has ultimately done for us in joining us with Jesus. This is a book recommended for ages 4-7 and for early readers. . .

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Cecil & Friends: Jesus and the Children

Jesus and the Children by Andrew McDonough Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Christian/Early Readers Pages: 32 Date Published: February 1, 2010 Publisher: ZonderKidz, a division of Zondervan My rating: 4 of 5 stars Jesus’ friends get upset when a bunch of children come to see Jesus after he’s been teaching all day and is tired. Jesus rebukes his friends and invites the children to spend time with him. Kids will enjoy learning how much God loves them in Jesus and the Children based on Mark 10:13-16. Cecil and Friends from author Andrew McDonough looks like it will be a great series full of adventure and valuable scripture lessons. I think the colors and images are vibrant and there is just enough of a story to start a great Bible lesson with your child. This is recommended for ages 4-7 and for comprehension I think those ages are appropriate, yet even at 10 months. . .

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