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Early 20th Century Romance Book List (in pictures)

Consider this a work-in-progress, because I’m sure I won’t catch everything in one attempt. I was talking to my mama the other day and she mentioned she was truly enjoying reading books set during the early 1900’s and WWI era, so I decided that I would try to make her a list of recommendations in my genres. I have to agree, I’ve been reading quite a few books set in the 1890s-1925 and I’m enjoying myself as well. Here are a few that I’ve read and even more that I’d like to read. Please comment with your suggestions! I’m including the following time periods: 1878-1905 Gilded Age 1901-1919 Edwardian Era 1914-1918 US WWI I’ll save the 1880-1900 US Turn of Century, 1929-1939 US Great Depression, and 1939-1945 US WWII post(s) for another day…  *What’s the difference between my 1880-1900 and 1878-1905 time frames you ask? Well it seems to be that. . .

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