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Email for Kids from KidsEmail.org {Review}

After my daughter became a proficient reader and speller I decided to try to open an email account for her. I look at several different options and finally settled on one program and it was great for a while until changes were made, thus recently I have started looking again. Blessed be the timing that the Homeschool Review Crew had an opportunity to review an Annual Subscription from KidsEmail.org !   Our purposes in having an email address for my children is primarily for communication with their grandparents and other family and select friends. Using KidsEmail.org, I have set up email accounts for each of my three children. My toddler has not used his, my 5-year-old has drawn pictures and sent them to Grandmama, and my 7-year-old is communicating with the world! Nah, truthfully she is emailing her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and a few of mama’s friends with one friend of. . .

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