English on a Roll {Review}

English on a Roll You are a Student

English on a Roll, and no I do not mean sushi… One of the things that I am learning as more years progress is that sometimes we need a bit of help in an area, such as grammar, thus English on a Roll was very intriguing to this mama seeking any way to make it stick for my student. We were blessed to be sent an English Grammar Teaching Method Instructors’ Set (includes 40 cubes and one instructors’ manual) for English on a Roll. While the guide is written for classroom use, it is fairly easy to adjust in a homeschool setting. We also have special copyright permission to copy certain pages for single homeschool usage. Immediately, I noticed that lessons are very adaptable to what my student needs. Some we zoomed past, and a few we repeated or rather continued on for a few days to really get the grasp of the. . .

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