First Snow by Peter McCarty

First Snow is the newest picture book from acclaimed and Caldecott Honor–winning author/illustrator Peter McCarty, which extends the winning world of animal characters established in Chloe and Henry in Love.

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A Special Gift for Grammy by Jean Craighead George

Newbery Medal winner Jean Craighead George captures the love between grandmother and grandson in this heartfelt story that is brimming with imagination. A boy named Hunter shares a pile of stones with Grammy, and they celebrate all the special uses for the stones that they uncover along the way. This precious story speaks to the rare connection that a grandparent and grandchild share!

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52 Things Daughters Need from Dads by Jay Payleitner {Preview}

Most dads love their daughters, but they’re uncertain how they can show that love in a way their daughters understand…or figure out what their girls really need from them.

Jay Payleitner has given thousands of dads great, man-friendly advice in his bestselling 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad. Now Jay guides his readers into what is unexplored territory for many of them—girl land—

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Waiting for Sunrise by Eva Marie Everson

Sometimes finding your future means making peace with your past

Patsy Milstrap wishes she could leave her past behind. Though she tries to put on a brave front for the sake of her family, the wounds still ache, and the scars on her soul are still deeply felt. At her concerned husband’s gentle insistence, they take a vacation from South Carolina on Cedar Key, an idyllic island on Florida’s Gulf Coast. A week in paradise will do them good, he says.

When a familiar–and most unexpected–face greets her at a seaside restaurant, Patsy knows she can no longer run from the past. But what will opening old wounds mean? And what will the future hold?

With a large helping of Southern charm, Waiting for Sunrise is a touching story of family, young love, and the need for forgiveness. Eva Marie Everson expertly draws out the bittersweet moments of life, weaving them into a tale that will envelop your soul.

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Shaun the Sheep: Sheer Madness

Sheep and Pigs and Aliens, oh my! It’s madness in the meadow with Shaun the Sheep and his flock of mischievous merrymakers! Shaun expertly stops the pigs from running amuck and turning the farm into a porky paradise. He amuses his friends when he falls head over hoof for a beautiful stranger and demonstrates what happens when curiosity gets the sheep after a hot air balloon lands and causes mayhem in the meadow… From the farm, to outer space and everywhere in between, Shaun and his barnyard buddies know how to have a woolly good time!

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Don’t Panic: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Meals for Your Family

Don’t Panic: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Meals for Your Family by Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell & Bonnie Garcia Genre: Cookbook Pages: 256 Paperback 7 x 9 Date Published: April 2012 Publisher: Revell Books Great meals for your busy family! We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean we have to eat like we are. You don’t have to settle for feeding your family commercially packaged meals full of sodium and preservatives or fat-laced fast food. Quick and healthy meals from your very own kitchen are easy with delicious recipes like Southwestern Baked Cheese Dip Thai Chicken Wraps Walnut Spinach Salad Homestyle Mac & Cheese Slow Cooker Pork Chops Oven Roasted Orange Chicken Grilled Flat Iron Steak Sandwiches Spicy Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry Fruit Pizza Mexican Chocolate Mousse and many more From quick meals made on the grill or in the sauté pan to crockpot dishes that require little prep and cook while. . .

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Review: The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund

The Preacher’s Bride is an engaging, skillful narrative. The intriguing cover drew me in and as I read I was immediately transported and immersed in the day to day lives of the Puritans of 17th century England. Some reviewers have erroneously hinted that The Preacher’s Bride takes place in America in Amish country. Set in the framework of the rancor between English Royalist and the Puritans, the book’s message is that enduring faith, children and family trump persecution. I was unable to put the book down until I learned the fates of John Costin, a tinker “called to mend souls not just kettles” and his housekeeper. Elizabeth Whitbread, the heroine of this refreshing Christian historical romance, is a compassionate, persistent and perceptive young woman bent on protecting and nurturing the children of the recent widower. “My conscience before God will not allow me to stand idly by,” says Elizabeth. Author,. . .

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Modern Parents, Vintage Values

More than ever, moms and dads live in a culture that is against their parenting efforts. The growing sense of entitlement and disrespect among kids is cause for alarm. Though we can’t go back to an idyllic past, Melissa Trevathan and Sissy Goff know we can still raise children who value, well, values. In Modern Parents, Vintage Values, they identify the top issues kids face today and address how to instill the classic character traits that will serve our sons and daughters well: kindness, integrity, manners, compassion, forgiveness, responsibility, gratitude, patience, and confidence.

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We just got back from going on a walk, we being our little family, Enginerd, AppleBlossom and myself. It’s Labor Day and so he’s home from work. This summer his group has been experimenting with different hours and arrangements and due to that several Mondays I have had him at home with us and I love every minute of that. (AppleBlossom does too, because she adores her daddy). That’s ending soon, but part of me wishes they would continue it. Supposedly there is a change he might be able to rearrange the time and even though he’ll work Monday through Friday, just maybe he can go in earlier and come home earlier to have more time with us, especially as this point in AppleBlossom’s life is changing so fast, so fleeting. “We went on a walk, wearing our awesome new running socks and shoes my feet felt like they could. . .

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Family Reading Bible

If you are one of the millions of Christian parents looking for a way to engage and understand the Bible together as a family, The Family Reading Bible is the Bible to meet your needs. Throughout the development of this unique Bible, the special content (reading paths, questions, fun facts, and more) was tested by Christian families just like yours, who provided insightful feedback and help in order to make this Bible useful for you and your family in everyday life.

The Family Reading Bible is designed to help parents use the Bible itself as their family devotional tool. A reading system with three easy-to-use paths allows parents to accommodate children of various ages and stages. Readings of manageable length along with age-appropriate, engaging questions will encourage and maintain your kids’ interest in God’s Word.

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