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Floss Tube Or Not To Floss Tube?

Funny thing, I wrote this post then was confused when I couldn’t find it. I accidentally wrote it on a old blog test site from my iPad and not Creative Madness Mama. Oops! I finall found it, however.  Lately, I have really been spending a lot of time getting back into the groove of cross stitching. Truly I would say that cross stitching was my first crafty hobby. I started out with stamped quilted baby quilts, then moved on to wall hangings in both a combination of stamped fabrics and small count Aida material. I never really stopped, but I haven’t stitched regularly. It was more as the stitchy-bug hit here and there. When I was pregnant with AppleBlossom was probably the last time I did a big gift project. In recent years I have worked during certain holidays on particular seasonal pieces, but no real finishes. This last fall. . .

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