• The Mystery of History

Blood glucose

I’m so frustrated! Had a full dinner with chicken, cream and rice (so I had the protein and carbs). After my BG was 109 (shouldn’t be quite that low after a “hearty” meal). So I ate more, added some lemonade and a bit later some chocolate chips. Trying to sleep and felt funny so I checked again at 1:30 and my BG is 62!

I’m so frustrated! I’m suppose to take this Rx at night to be lower in the morning, but I’m bottoming out at night and high in the morning!

Life a little behind…

So I’m a little behind here and there. Hopefully you’ll all forgive me. My wonderful Enginerd bought me a battery backup, so hopefully once he gets it hooked up I will not have to worry about the ridiculous power surges here killing my computer. Now all I need is a way to back up the computer, since when I moved to an iMac over my Powerbook my external hard drive is not big enough. *sigh* AppleBlossom seems to be doing better, but there was a hint of fever again last night. I’m just not sure what to think with all this, but in the recent visits to emergency and urgent care centers with the 104/103 degree fevers, they found nothing. Gestational diabetes is not doing so well. I’m on an oral medication that was uber powerful to me in my pregnancy with AppleBlossom, but this time around, not so much,. . .

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