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Moving Sale: 20% off at GladRags.com!

Moving Sale: 20% off at GladRags.com! GladRags is relocating to a new office this month, and the less stuff we have to move the better!  Get a great deal and help us clear out our office by using coupon code MOVE11 to take 20% off your order (including sale items!) this weekend only. And as always, all menstrual cups and orders over $75 ship free! Discounted Day Holders! GladRags Day Pad Holders work great with up to 3 inserts, depending on the level of your flow.  You can even use them on their own as a super-thin liner! In honor of the changing season, our GREEN Day pad Holders will be on sale all month!  Stock up while supplies last!

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GladRags – Menstrual Monday

It seems so long ago that I introduced you to Lunapads and the idea of Mama Cloth. Another option and my favorite brand of mama cloth is GladRags. I have been waiting to tell you about GladRags, partially thinking that I would be able to give an honest opinion of using them for a cycle or two. Yet… a blessing of pregnancy and then breastfeeding I’m still waiting on that next menses to come around. (Oh trust me, no hurry here! I am quite happy to be period free.) *Thanks to Tracy of GladRags I was blessed to receive three samples of GladRags for review, a Night Pad, Day Pad and one cotton Pantyliner.* Although I was not introduced to mama cloth through GladRags I am so glad to have discovered them! GladRags is owned and operated by women and committed to offering healthier, safer options to women all over. . .

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