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Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set

Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set i play. Babywear Tree free! Water-resistant, tear-resistant disposable mat stays put with adhesive strips and helps keep your table clean. Includes 8 placemats with assorted prints and 3 Prang soy crayons for coloring fun! Tree-free material made of limestone. Comes in resealable bag for easy-to-go. 18″ x 13.5″. Size: Stage 5+ (2 yr+) I really love products from i play. Babywear, and thus it is no surprise that I am quite a fan of their new Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set. These had a great sale in February and I’m so sorry I missed telling you, but even at regular price they’re a worthy buy! These are really durable and great for on the go or at home. As a matter of fact we’ve been using the same one at home all week and it lasts! Excitement to color and no need to worry about. . .

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Green Sprouts (& Coupons exp 12/2010)

Have you ever found one of those companies that whenever you see their products you smile and want to buy it even if you already have a dozen? Well that is how I feel about Green Sprouts. Just one of a million things that I love about Green Sprouts is that they are consistently BPA and PVC free products. They are committed to providing non-toxic products for feeding our babies through toddler-hood. Plus they are just plain adorable! It seems to be that they specialize in bottles and cups, but they do not stop there as they also have available bibs, rattles, teethers, and a shopping cart cover to help protect your little one from germs. Their website(s) are extremely valuable with information. In example, they have great charts that break down good suggestions on which cup for what stage baby as well as bibs that make sense in stages. . .

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