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Coming Soon from the Pen, Please Welcome Historical Author Christine Johnson!

I’m sure you’re aware about how much I absolutely love to do interviews with authors of Christian Historical Fiction, after all I do them all the time right? What?! My last interview posted was before June 2014 and I have others that were awesome that I neglected to share with you?! What?! Oh wait, I had a baby. And then influenza A. Hmm.. Excuses, excuses. So much has been missed! I cannot begin to describe how terrible I feel. I own you all an apology and some specific authors, especially. Alas. Well, let’s remedy the situation and get cracking with some new blood! Why not start with an excellent new author to the site! With out further adieu, please welcome, Christine Johnson! What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? Do you write any other genres? Historical fiction has always been a natural fit, because I love to read. . .

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