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Memoria Press Kindergarten {Review – Part I}


2013-2014 was our K4 year and our main curriculum has been the Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum for Kindergarten. (I cannot believe we are already halfway through the next year, these memories seem like yesterday!!) These Lesson Plans are written out for one year. At this point we are within a handful of weeks to completetion, possibly days. This year follows our K3 year with the Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten and prior to that Tot School with various preschool printables and Sonlight P3/4. Please head back to read my several part review on the Memoria Press JrK Curriculum if you’re interested. JrK is written as a 2-day week for 33 weeks, recommended for the general 4-5 year old range. Also, for your information and a side note, Memoria Press is in the process of releasing a leveled pre-JrK program designed for special needs. The plan, to my knowledge, is “to unveil. . .

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Science4Us.com – Science Computer School

The idea of getting involved in “computer school” was a bit daunting for me. Most of what we do in school is from books and interaction. While I’m not opposed and definitely use videos and mp3s when appropriate as well as a plethora of sites for printables, the idea of sitting my girls down in front of a computer that they take charge of in a program is a good bit daunting. While I hear rave reviews of things such as Starfall and the like for preschoolers I’ve always hesitated. So when I had the opportunity to come up to review Science4Us.com as well as KinderBach from the TOS Crew I jumped in, with trepidation. As you might have read yesterday, KinderBach did not quite work out for us as wonderfully as it might have… so as we were spending more time online I was concerned that a Science4Us.com Online. . .

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