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Educeri (Lesson Plans) {Review}

Some days my mama-teaching brain just doesn’t want to function, but was have got to get some learning accomplished. In my opinion, that is the best time to bring out the Educeri website! Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS is an online website full of lesson plans and lessons. In a school setting, I image they would set up well with a whiteboard program. At home, they are a great supplement, but I bet you could plan around them as well. For the purposes of our review with the Homeschool Review Crew we have been granted 12 months to the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service. The subscription is open-ended as in it is good for K-12 grades and all lessons, not just a certain range! Because we came into this already into the school year, we are set for the most part with certain subjects, so I chose to use. . .

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My School Year (Online Homeschool Record Keeping) {Review}

Recently, we have been using My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from MySchoolYear.com to plan and track our school work. Thanks to the blessings of the TOS Crew, select reviewers will receive an Annual Membership. I have enjoyed organizing our lessons for the summer months and look forward to continuing to see what this program can do for us in the year to come.  My School Year is an incredible tool for homeschool organization. It has more features than I have the time to utilize as I try to be a pen and paper person, but if I had more time to commit to the program and sitting at the computer I would be so organized! This program has pretty charts, email reminders, capibilities to create transcripts and report cards. There are places for putting in graded assignments, attendance tracking, and scheduling of everything dealing with your school age student.. . .

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