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Blossom School – January 5, 2012

Attempt. Here we go. AppleBlossom is 29 months old. Today we ventured in with a real attempt at “school”. We started out using our calendar (a work in progress). The board is a cardboard project board (~$2). The calendar set (including the Days of the week and Season/Weather chart) is Dots on Chocolate made by Creative Teaching Press. I bought both from a local store called The Knowledge Tree, but I have seen the calendar set on Amazon here. The color of the day is from Carisa at 1+1+1+1, and the Pledge is from Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations. Then at the bottom you see the flashcards – colors, shapes and Letter of the Week Bible verses – those are all part of the LOTW Curriculum I bought and downloaded from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. There are other features I plan to add once we’re ready for them. Now. . .

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AppleBlossom Preschool A is for Apple

Today we had our first semi organized day of preschool for AppleBlossom. She is only two, so really nothing need be structured and I guess I could just call it Tot School. The plan was to follow the Animal Play Curriculum  and go from there, but I’m not too happy with it or doing so well. One of the main worries and concerns I had when getting organized for this curriculum (which I bought at 50% off FYI) is that there are “recommended resources” that I do not have. We did buy two of the big ones including the Rhyme Storybook Bible and Alphabet Art, but I do not have the 5-minutes for Devotions nor do I have the little books that it recommends and some others. Some of them are plain expensive and/or not available. Since the lesson plans say “read about ants on page such and such” it’s. . .

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