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To Capture Her Heart (The Southold Chronicles) by Rebecca DeMarnio

Last year I read the first book in The Southold Chronicles, A Place in His Heart and while the writing was really good – the story left me unimpressed. Overall, it was just too sad and not a great read. I was eager to give this new-to-me author a chance with her next novel, as I mentioned one of my favorite authors (Siri Mitchell) can also write a pretty devastating story. In the end, I just wasn’t impressed. If this is meant to be a Christian Historical Romance, the romance is sorely lacking and just falls short of my typical expectations for such a novel. For this story it seems as if it was incredibly and thoroughly researched but then rushed to be finished without a smooth flow. The historical details do provide interest, but it’s just not enough to make me enthusiastic.

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A Place in His Heart (The Southold Chronicles, #1) by Rebecca DeMarino

With tender hearts, Mary and Barnabas take a leap of faith and wed. But when Barnabas’s secret plans to move his family to the New World to escape persecution come to light, Mary’s world is upended. How could she possibly leave her papa and her dear sister?

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