• The Mystery of History

Coming Soon from the Pen, Please Welcome Historical Author Lori Benton!

What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? Do you write any other genres? I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ before I began writing with a hope of seeing one of my stories published, so it was natural for me to include a spiritual thread in that first novel begun back in 1991. In my stories, characters have always been challenged by and grown and changed in relation to the God of the Bible. Even so, for a few years I wasn’t sure if the Christian market was where I belonged. Books like I was writing weren’t being published back in the early 90s, or few of them were. Boy howdy, has the market ever expanded in the last 20 years, much to my delight. Most mainstream genres are embraced now and I’m happy that frontier stories set in the 18th century, like my debut, Burning. . .

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