• The Mystery of History

Namemaker Sewing and Custom Clothing Lables

As I go through some of the clothing that is from my childhood I have discovered some cloth labels that say in a blue print simply, “Made with Love by Mardi” or “Made Especially for you by Mardi”. I love those labels. They remind me of how good my mother is with a sewing machine and make me smile. As we have started to try to get MadebyMardi up and running over on etsy (madebymardi.etsy.com) I have been thinking about labels. There are limited things that I can do with my sewing and embroidery machines, but it would take forever to make labels that I really like and that is not something that I really want to spend my time on. Plus they would never look as good as those that my mother ordered from a catalog back in the day. But I have found the solution!! *Thanks to ChicExecs. . .

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