Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten {Review – Part IV – Poetry}

CMM JrK Review

Through the recommendations of Memoria Press in their curriculum package it is amazing what is possible to provide in a pre-school or Junior Kindergarten experience and I’d say the bulk of the best of it is within the literature and poetry section. Since there are 33 weeks and 34 literature selections, let me start with telling you about the poetry because of this, there is really only three. Two, however that you use on a regular basis throughout the year of curriculum in the lesson plans. The third doubles one week for both literature and poetry. A key element to the Jr. K curriculum, the music and poetry offers exposure to enduring childhood classics and satisfies the child’s intrinsic interest in story and song. The interesting and rich language of the music and poetry selections (yes, even simple Mother Goose Rhymes) helps the child develop a taste for and comfort. . .

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