Wrapping Up the End of the Homeschool Year (2014-2015 Edition)

End of the school-year, well it should be… but I guess this is more of a check in. Last year I wrote an end of the school-year wrap up post and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that same date was coming up on the calendar for this year. In the past year I’ve continued on with my eager-to-learn five year old, discovered my attention-span-of-a-butterfly three year doesn’t want to pipe down into school time like her sister, and added a baby brother nearing on ten months old to the mix. Wow. We’ve started a kitchen garden and attempted our first true unit study. We’ve discovered more curricula to love and others to sideline. We aren’t finished. But here’s the deal. When we started this year, what I was calling K5, we had the plan to really do it all over two years, but as we get to. . .

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Memoria Press First Start Reading {Review} Classical Curriculum


You may know this already. I love Memoria Press. Today I’m beyond blessed to share a review with you on the Memoria Press First Start Reading program.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… I already reviewed this right? Well, yes and no. I reviewed the entire Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum and as a part of it that includes the First Start Reading Program, but I want to tell you more. What can I say? I’m a fan of anything and everything from Memoria Press and I really want to share my opinions with you.

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PreK3 Curriculum for 2014-2015

Having just finished drafting my post for the K5 Curriculum (even if it is six months late!) I figured perhaps I should also write a post for our PreK3 Curriculum this year as well. As my second child is entering into the world of academia I am learning some important lessons. While AppleBlossom was ready to jump and run early on and loves workbooks and “doing school” things… her sister is, well… a free spirit. OrangeBlossom should have been called PinkBlossom. If it is not pink, princess, or fairy related she’s not interested. All life must involved things that are pretty, beautiful, in skirts and sparkily is a plus. Sitting to “do school”, so not her thing. She will beg for school for a minute or two, and then flit here and there and yonder. OrangeBlossom is my here, there and yonder child at three years old. Who know what the. . .

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K5 and PreK3 Curriculum for Fall 2014 (Verbose Post)

AppleBlossom’s K5 and OrangeBlossom’s PreK 3 Fall 2014 Curriculum (with a newborn Almond Blossom in the mix):   The LONG Post The Short Post, and Picture Post to come… *Before I get started. This is a conversational post. There are no affiliate links in the text, however I do have accounts and would gladly share them if you’re interested. And/or if there is something I mention and you want to know where to find it or more information, I’d gladly talk your internet ear off about any of this, here below.* *grin* Continuing for AppleBlossom (as mentioned in the Previous Curriculum page) Memoria Press Curriculum with Enrichment (substituting EPS Primary Phonics Readers Sets with Bob Books). We have finished from our K4 previous plans: Memoria Press Kindergarten Lesson Plans, Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment Guide, Memoria Press First Start Reading, Bob Books Beginning Readers, American Language Society Fun in the Sun,. . .

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