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MoBoleez Nursing Bonnets

Introducing “MoBoleez” – the world’s first breastfeeding hat! What’s a breastfeeding hat? A breastfeeding hat is based on a simple, fun idea. The idea? Design a hat just for the breastfeeding baby, with a tiny little head and great big brim. The wide brim offers a little privacy for mom, and cuts out distractions for baby. The fun? Super soft, all natural fabrics, baby-friendly colours, and delightful illustrations for the top of the head (visible when breastfeeding of course!) And, when moms lift up the brim, there’s a little message from baby! Beautifully made, eco-friendly, and cute as a button, MoBoleez represents a brand new product category for retailers. What’s MoBoleez? MoBoleez , “Modern Bonnets for Breastfeeding Babes”, is a Canadian company founded in 2006 by Diane Sam, a nursing, working mother of two. MoBoleez is a baby products company focused on supporting and celebrating the breastfeeding mum. MoBoleez recently. . .

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