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#ClothDiapers Education

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I knew that I was going to cloth diaper full time. It was about two or three days after finding out that I was pregnant that I started my cloth diaper (CD) research and then spent the next 35 weeks continuing it. *grin* I have been thinking over and preparing my mind to write up some great educational CD posts about my experiences and opinions of various products, but apparently I am not fast enough! My AppleBlossom is one month old today, and we have three weeks of CD experience under our belt, but I have a friend begging with questions, and they must be answered ASAP to make her a CD convert with her 3 mo old… so here is the beginning of my unorganized thoughts… There are four main types of CD:PF (prefolds) with coverspocket diapersAIO (all-in-one)fitted diapers with. . .

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Cloth Diapers: A Guest Post and Introduction to CD Bummis

As I mentioned previously in a post, SisterL is one of my main influences for wanting to go cloth with diapering future with my baby girl (now blogging affectionately named AppleBlossom). I asked her advice on brands and types and the first thing out of her mouth was “Bummis“. She said if I buy anything, I should definitely invest there. So I asked her to be a little more detailed for my readers here so that I could understand and help explain why Bummis is a fabulous choice for CD. I started cloth diapering DD1 (second child) at 3 months with the medium sampler kit from Green Mountain Diapers (before I knew of www.JuliesStuff.com or www.NaturalBabies.com–Karen at GMD still has great things and her guide is great to pass on to new mamas but shipping was always a lot so items had to be on sale to entice me). It. . .

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