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Neatnik Saucer Review & GIVEAWAY

Neatnik Saucer® Coulson’s Crib, LLC Neatnik Saucer® is a patented, mom-invented product that keeps food and toys off the floor and covers everything within baby’s reach while dining in a restaurant. It’s an integrated high chair liner, placemat and germ barrier that works with restaurant high chairs. With Neatnik Saucer in place, Mom can relax knowing that dirty high chairs and tables are no longer a health risk. The sturdy rim and toy fasteners keep food and playthings off the ground, eliminating parent frustration and embarrassment over spills and dropped toys. High chair straps fit through openings in the seat liner and should always be used to secure baby in the seat. Stylish and safe, Neatnik Saucer is available in a variety of water-resistant fabrics that are easily cleaned with disinfectant baby wipes or soap and water. It measures 28 inches in diameter to define baby’s space at the table, yet. . .

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