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Sew ‘n Tell Friday

Does this still count as Friday? I’m still working hard on my Woodland Enchantress. I’m loving how the snow is a blue and deep purple shade. See that new grey tree or two? I’m loving it! Maybe I will finish it this winter. AppleBlossom (age 5) has finished her rainbow since Wednesday! Can you believe it?! I had the Enginerd stop on his way home to buy her a new kit. She requested a butterfly so he bought her three. She picked on to start as is already nearly finished in just one evening! The new kit has a plastic needle when she was using metal so that’s a step down but we can remedy that next time. This kit is still just needlepoint or a half cross stitch but it is still working on her patience and attention to detail. She is doing so well. One of her kits. . .

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