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One Word for 2016

It was in 2013 when I first participated in the one-word annual post. My word was creative. I didn’t get around to participating or naming a word in 2014, but if I had it probably would have been pregnant, hah! In 2015, my one word was up. Now for 2016, I’m coming back around again with something slightly different, but on the same vein… create. Create in me… Create in me a clean heart, oh God. I want to create a love of learning in my children. Cross stitching and quilting is so pleasant to me. I want to create cross stitch memories with my daughter. Create art with my needle. And perhaps, if I can manage, create a completed quilt – top to quilting! What is your inspiring word for 2016?

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One Word for 2015

*This post was originally posted on February 1st, but has been reposted with added image.* It may be a bit late to be starting out, but all the same these last few weeks I have been considering a “word for 2015” to frame my year. In 2013 I picked the word creative with the hope that it would inspire me to get back to quilting and push me to craft with the girls. In someways it did, and in some it didn’t. I pretty much kept that word for my theme throughout 2014 as well going through the miscarriage, a new pregnancy, birth of a perfectly large baby boy, and seeing the girls change and grow. This year I choose the word up.  I want to get up in the morning and start a full day. I want to look up and truly consider God and His will in everything I do and say. I want. . .

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