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CTCMath Online Maths Tutor {Review, 4th Year}

While it is true that I was on the Math Team in my youth, mathematics is not always my favorite subject to teach. This is why CTCMath Online Maths Tutor is a real blessing to my family, we started with an Single Membership several years ago, but right now a Family Membership is exactly what we need as I have added three of my students to our account. For the purposes of this review, we received a one-year subscription added on to our account, and by the way homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months. If you’re curious, check out the Free Trial!! (These two promotions end November 15, 2017!) What is it? CTCMath is an online membership. Our account is set to a Family Membership, and each of my three students have a unique login and dashboard. Over the past several years since I first started using. . .

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A+ Interactive Math Placement Test {Online Math}

In our experience so far we have been extremely blessed with our math curricula and AppleBlossom is staying on target, but it is still early and in the future we will most likely need to know our options if she or her sister just doesn’t get it (already I can tell that teaching her little sister is going to be a patience-testing endeavour). The online software of A+ Interactive Math ~ (http://www.APlusTutorSoft.com) comes from a neat company with lots of products available. One such product is the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan, this is a three month subscription. For the purposes of this review, I was blessed with access for two students and we found that it was all completely above OrangeBlossom’s preschool and basic kindergarten level and nearly so for AppleBlossom, but we kept on with her on the First Grade level. More Information from Vendor: Top. . .

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Mathletics Review

  Math for my four (now five!) year old daughter is a hit or miss subject. She understands concepts but is very quick to have a meltdown. Therefore, when the opportunity came up to review Mathleticsfrom 3P Learning ~ (http://www.3PLearning.com/) which I have often heard praise for, I jumped in even with our busy summer. I was delighted with something that I could take with us on the many hospital trips through the weeks of early prodromal labor. The idea of handing her the iPad that she always begs for was very pleasant and I assumed his would be a perfect fit. Every homeschool family is different as our their curriculum needs. As I’ve mentioned in other posts online curriculum is not always a perfect fit for us, but I really wanted this to work.  It was not a great fit for us, however I strongly recommend you read a. . .

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