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Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set

Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set i play. Babywear Tree free! Water-resistant, tear-resistant disposable mat stays put with adhesive strips and helps keep your table clean. Includes 8 placemats with assorted prints and 3 Prang soy crayons for coloring fun! Tree-free material made of limestone. Comes in resealable bag for easy-to-go. 18″ x 13.5″. Size: Stage 5+ (2 yr+) I really love products from i play. Babywear, and thus it is no surprise that I am quite a fan of their new Green Sprouts Disposable Placemat Set. These had a great sale in February and I’m so sorry I missed telling you, but even at regular price they’re a worthy buy! These are really durable and great for on the go or at home. As a matter of fact we’ve been using the same one at home all week and it lasts! Excitement to color and no need to worry about. . .

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