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Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty Set {+ Coupon!}

The Jahgoo 3-in-1 potty is exactly what I need! Had I known about it before, we could have skipped getting the Smart Potty or the Little Potty and would have saved some money. This one will get us through. It is large enough to use as she grows, but also the shape of it would have allowed her smaller bum to sit comfortably (without falling in!) at the first stages of learning. Then then amazing thing, when we would be stepping up to the next stage with a toilet seat reducer, this one has it!

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Potty Training –> The Potty

A friend of mine mentioned getting a potty soon for her son to think about potty training and I was going to email her back about our different potty experiences, but then I realized that I really needed to blog about it. So.. here goes. We started with a curiosity of Elimination Communication. It didn’t end up being what we did, but it was great to have all the information, and I still do use queues and give opportunities and such. So early on, I bought a Baby B’jorn Little Potty. It was amazing how people were so negative in some reviews saying how small it was and that it would never work for any child, and others saying it was great. We bought it thinking we needed something small for that wobbly barely sitting up girlie. Next once AppleBlossom actually showed an interest and started requesting to go potty,. . .

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Potty Training Girls the Easy Way

Why are girls ready for toilet training earlier than boys are? Why are girls more prone to accidents? How do I know if my daughter is ready? From the authors of Potty Training Boys the Easy Way, this guide provides a clear, step-by-step plan for training girls, including strategies for making potty-time fun, parenting differently for different personalities, and handling specific situations, such as what to do when there is no toilet nearby and ways to stay dry throughout the night. Practical and reassuring, Potty Training Girls the Easy Way will give your family the confidence to successfully achieve this important milestone.

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