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What is your current cloth diaper situation?

Okay. So this is kinda the post I’ve been meaning to write forever, but it is also just me getting thoughts to the page. We have cloth diapered both girls from the beginning minus the first day or so in sposies for the meconium. AppleBlossom started in Tiny gDiapers with Gerber double thick prefolds in them. The were folded in half and then again into thirds. It was a last minute run to the store fix right after she was born. We soon moved to Bummis Small Super Whisper Wrap Covers (at that time only available in prints with hook & loop). We used the Bummis Infant Prefolds with them. It was great, but big on her, but we got by. I also had some size 1 Kissaluvs Fitted diapers as well as one Newborn Woollybums that I loved! Later we moved on to FuzziBunz Small Pocket Diapers and then. . .

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Newborn Diapers

In January last year (2010) I wrote a post about newborn diapers (that I knew of at the time) and since then many more designs are available. But for starters here’s a refresher… and then at the bottom of the post – new excitement! So these are my thoughts from several months ago that I shared with Kim Graham-Nye, co-owner of gDiapers that now I get to share with you with a couple edits to make it current (September 11th, 2009): LOOK @ that itty bitty jaundiced AppleBlossom! Off the top of my head, I can tell you that the Tiny g’s have been my husband’s favorite diaper so far out of everything that we used. In his (I forgot how this diaper works) moments he sometimes even fastened it in front instead of back, and he thought it fit better that way. We are both absolutely in love with. . .

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Prefold Comparison by image FYI

So really, this post is to share these pictures with my sister. But… they might be helpful to someone. I have made a picture image comparison of the differences in sizes of the prefolds we have in our stash, including the one brand new newborn size I just ordered to see if it would make a difference. We have some Organic Under the Nile Prefolds that we think are the equivalent to what some people call “Premium” Size, and I do not know what the thickness is or anything. I bought these brand new from a woman on CraigsList in Georgia who did not end up cloth diapering after all. They have been washes hundreds of times and still are firm and stiff and not soft at all. We will never use them in diapers (lucky I didn’t pay much) but they make fabulous on the go changing pads or. . .

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