Had a Baby!!

Two weeks old as of Yesterday! (Click any photo to enlarge) So it’s official. We have two gorgeous daughters! And from the looks of the early baby photos these gals might just seem to favor each other a little bit. I’m curious if it’s true that people will ask us later if we have twins (with only 24 months separating them). It will be interesting… Althea Jane (OrangeBlossom to you all folk) was born 1:26 pm CST at 7 lbs 2 oz and 19″ in length or height depending on who you ask. That’s to Charlotte Elspeth’s (AppleBlossom) 8 lbs 2.3 oz and 19″. We left the hospital at around 4:30 the next afternoon. After AppleBlossom I was out of it for weeks and pretty pathetic. After OrangeBlossom I was raring to eat and go home about three hours later. Explain that!? This was a much better experience for myself. . .

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Having a baby…

Today 3 AM, we are checking into the hospital. There is an issue with my placenta. (I’m 37 1/2 weeks, and she’s estimated to be 6 lbs 9 oz by the ultrasound.) We’re going to be induced and handled by a high risk obgyn. I plan to post all missed posts when I’m back to it. Things will depend on whether or not we get our hope of a regular delivery or have to go with a cesarean. We just will not know until we see how things progress or not tomorrow. If you need me… feel free to email me at MJAChind(at)gmail[dot]com as this is the one address I’ll be checking while things are crazy… – Margaret (MJ)

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How did your Toddler react to the New Baby?

If you had a toddler, when your new baby was added to the family, how did that toddler react? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately as we’re getting closer and closer to due day. (Yes technically the due date is August 27th, but AppleBlossom was three weeks early, so I’m prepared for anything — plus the beginning signs are happening. — As it was put in God Gave Us You, God gives mama’s special signs to know…) In the last few months we’ve been talking about “baby belly” and new baby, and baby toys, and baby clothes and so on. We’ve been reading God Gave Us You repeatedly as well as The Berenstain Bears and the New Baby and reading various Pregnancy books and Magazines (or “mag-zeeenz”). AppleBlossom loves looking at the pictures of babies and has even taken to carrying her “baby Jeez” everywhere with her (that. . .

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Pregnancy comparison…

  AppleBlossom was due August 15th and born July 31st. OrangeBlossom is due August 27th. Baby Shower for AppleBlossom in the yellow dress… Baby Shower for OrangeBlossom in the blue dress… both about the same time along… (May 2009, June 2011) 37 wks pregnant in the burgundy/pink shirt and green pants… AppleBlossom was born three days later… 34 & 1/2 wks pregnant in the blue belly shot (today! 8:40 AM)

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Preggo Update

So we’ve upped the Glyburide to 7.5mg a day split between morning and a larger dose at night to help get my fasting numbers down. I think it is working. Two weeks ago ultrasound. Last week non-stress test. Yesterday u/s. Next Friday NST. We’ll see what comes next… I’m at almost 35 weeks now and AppleBlossom was born early at 37! Here is one of us three days before she was born in July 2009.

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Life a little behind…

So I’m a little behind here and there. Hopefully you’ll all forgive me. My wonderful Enginerd bought me a battery backup, so hopefully once he gets it hooked up I will not have to worry about the ridiculous power surges here killing my computer. Now all I need is a way to back up the computer, since when I moved to an iMac over my Powerbook my external hard drive is not big enough. *sigh* AppleBlossom seems to be doing better, but there was a hint of fever again last night. I’m just not sure what to think with all this, but in the recent visits to emergency and urgent care centers with the 104/103 degree fevers, they found nothing. Gestational diabetes is not doing so well. I’m on an oral medication that was uber powerful to me in my pregnancy with AppleBlossom, but this time around, not so much,. . .

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Pregnancy Woes

Anyone else get headaches? For the last three days I have had just a really bad headache. It seems to go away if I sit for a while, but… with AppleBlossom capable of taking off her diaper and not putting one back on… the desire to wear her new panties, but not necessarily the know-when of when to go potty before you wet… I’m up and down. I wouldn’t know what to do if they told me to bed-rest. hah! Happy thought – new car! So the glucose tolerance test came around with bad results. We thought we would be okay this time, but obviously not. My pancreas hates me. With AppleBlossom I was “borderline” before I became pregnant, so gestational diabetes was no surprise (at that time my one hour did not pass at 155 (desired 70-140) but this time I was not diabetic at all and doing really. . .

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More Pink and Purple Please!!!

Life is slowly calming down… We closed on our house 3/18 and moving took a few weeks. We are fully in our new house and hopefully our former rental has a new tenant so we’ll be done with that! 20 weeks pregnant, with a 20 month old helper. We just found out it’s another girl! So I’m in the market for internet nicknames. As you may know, I’m CherryBlossomMJ, my toddler is AppleBlossom and my husband is the Enginerd. So what ____Blossom suggestions do you have for our new addition? We got internet back on March 24th, but then we’ve had a few days here and there without power that has really slowed me down with the blog… and it’s storming today… so until I can get a special serge protector I’m a little worrisome about being online too long. (Macs don’t take kindly to power outages…) So it’s a. . .

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The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby by Erin MacPherson

You’re pregnant. You thought you’d be glowing.

Instead, you’re glistening with sweat, reeling from nausea and (worst of all) you can’t get your favorite jeans buttoned. You’re irritable, nervous, bloated and to be perfectly honest, a bit annoyed that it takes nine whole months to grow a baby. Couldn’t God have speeded up the process a bit—say, two or three weeks? To top it all off, everyone at church keeps gushing about how ecstatic you must be to be pregnant and what a blessing it is. And, while you are ecstatic about the baby, this pregnancy thing is a whole different story.

Think you’re going to need some help keeping a godly attitude while figuring out this whole pregnancy thing? Here’s one Christian mama’s take on everything pregnancy—from stretch marks to weight gain to labor and delivery. Full of helpful tips (how exactly do you quell that not-just-in-the-morning sickness) and amusing anecdotes (are you saying everyone doesn’t crave peanut butter and olive sandwiches?), The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby has the advice you want to hear (and some you don’t).

And at the end of nine months, we promise you, you really will be glowing.

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Cooking to Conceive by Kim Hahn and the Editors of Conceive Magazine

It’s not just a healthy diet that can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant certain foods can actually help boost fertility. Now, the nation’s #1 fertility magazine offers a full course of recipes specifically designed to help you get pregnant. With surprisingly healthy ingredients like avocado, filet mignon, even dark chocolate, adding calcium, folate, and antioxidants to your diet has never been tastier! Brimming with expert advice and tips, this is the unparalleled resource for any woman preparing to start a family.

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Maternity Clothes

I am so totally bummed. I just want to sit on the floor and cry, and I felt that way in the middle of a crowded store. I’ve gone through my closet and pulled out all my maternity clothes from my previous pregnancy and they are all summer. Short sleeves, cap sleeves and thin thin thin cotton material. That does nothing for me when it’s 33* outside! Of course today it’s 65, but yesterday was in the 30s and it’s not quite ready to warm up yet. But on top of that I tried on some of those clothes thinking I’d just throw a sweater over it and some of those are too small. I’m 12 weeks-ish pregnant and already huge. How did this happen? I was not this big postpartum and all of the sudden I look like I’m months pregnant instead of barely weeks. We went to the. . .

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The New Mom’s Guide to Your Body After Baby by Susan Besze Wallace with Monica Reed, MD

Get ready to embrace the new you.

You might have noticed that you brought a new body home along with that bundle of joy. Your feet are bigger, your breasts are like melons, and you still can’t fit into any of your old clothes. You may be asking yourself, “Will I ever feel normal again?”

The New Mom’s Guide to Your Body after Baby helps you navigate the bewildering world of breastfeeding, resuming sexual activity, and finding something–anything–in your closet that will fit. It also shows you how to weather the emotional storms that inevitably follow having a baby. With the insight in this book you will be on your way to celebrating the new you in no time.

You can do this! The New Mom’s Guides are here to help.

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Pumpin’ Comfort Kit for Nursing Mothers

If you have been around my blog any little bit since AppleBlossom was born you may know that I’m breastfeeding. It is not something that I talk about much, but it is a fact. Now at almost a year old, we’re still making it. No idea how long we’ll go, not really worried about that. What I do worry about is pretty and proper coverage, which I often get with my wraps and slings and also my Nurf… but that’s another post for another day.

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The Moment You Knew Blog Tour

It was probably around the end of the year in 2006 when I really started trying to get pregnant and noticing that I was not. It was two years later when our blessing happened. Every morning I had been using an ovulation monitor and then within the right amount of time testing. The moment I knew, I did not believe it. It was just another morning, checking the tests again. But it was so much more. On my bed, I just sat there saying “Thank you thank you thank you God!” I took two tests just to make sure and text messaged a picture to my Enginerd. Of course he did not respond. So then I called him and he said he didn’t know what it meant. *sigh* Our AppleBlossom is such a blessing and everyday I remember how much even during the headaches. *wink* Going back you can see. . .

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