Super Teacher Worksheets #Printables {Review}

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Over the last several years I have spent a lot of time following blogs and saving printables that I have found here and there, but often there are so many things I find that are an individual charge and not necessarily a great worksheet once I get down to it. Therefore, when I heard about a website where you can get a lot of things for free, but pay one fee for access to the whole library of resources I was wary but intrigued. Members of the TOS Review Crew have been blessed to receive one-year access to Super Teacher Worksheets and given an Individual Membership. I’m not usually one to state prices in my reviews, but a year is only $19.95/yr and that is way less compared to any other site when you add up all the possibilities!  This is a website filled with printable resources in these categories: Math Reading &. . .

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Presidents’ Day Resources for the youngers and mama

Presidents’ Day is Monday Feby 16 Ariel Bradley: Spy for General Washington Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, and Lincoln by James Baldwin (YC) Life of Washington by Anna C. Reed (New Leaf Press) – other biographies Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser (Ladies of History #3) – series Mount Vernon Love Story by Mary Higgins Clark (mystery) George Washington’s Breakfast by Jean Fritz Mandie and the Washington Nightmare (#12) by Lois Gladys Leppard – Pres. McKinley A Kid’s Guide to Washington DC Meet George Washington by Joan Heilbroner (Landmark books)* Heart on Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote (Young) Abe’s Fish Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by James Daugherty Abe Lincoln: the Boy who Loved Books Abe’s Honest Words* Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – film Abraham Lincoln by D’Aulaire Meet Abraham Lincoln (Landmark) Mrs Lincoln’s Dressmaker Mrs Lincoln’s Rival Abraham Lincoln’s World* by G Foster JFK by. . .

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Wrapping Up the End of the Homeschool Year (2013-2014 Edition)

Can you believe it is already that time of year, to wrap up your school studies? If you are using a standard school year it is that time. Although if you use a calendar year, then it’s the time to pep up as you’re almost halfway there! Or if you school year-round you might be changing topics, taking a hiatus, or re-energizing to keep on trekking. Finally, there is another new-to-me option that your family might use in (the name slips my mind at the moment) schedule of 6-9 weeks on, break, on, break, and so on! Generally for us I think we use a school year start, and then naturally fall a bit into a (whatever that last one is called) schedule. However we let life get in the way as well as speed up and slow down as the material and skills lead us. We started the year with. . .

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