• Introducing Essentials 2nd edition

Pump Gloves – Protective Gloves for Pumping Gasoline

Hey Ladies…Hate Pumping Gas? We can help! When washing hands isn’t handy, it’s a good idea to don the newly improved line of ultra-chic Pump Gloves! Starting this October, pumping gas is getting dirtier. New regulations require car owners to hold the gas nozzle in the on position for the WHOLE time it takes to fill the tank. Consumers will have to hold that handle, like the hundreds of patrons before them. Don’t write this off as just a silly California regulation, other states including New York are doing away with them too. Pump Gloves has released their new line of stylish and protective gloves to keep a woman’s hands safe from the “Gunk at the Gas Pump,” such as gas, grease, grime and germs which are almost never cleaned off. As women are expected to do it all, it’s time to nurture the nurturer. With less mess at the. . .

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