Daddy’s Fishing Quilt is ready for batting!

Quilt top is ready for borders. #WIP #quilting #quilt #daddysquilt #fishing from Instagram: Close up on borders. #daddysquilt #WIP #sewing #quilt #quilting #fishing from Instagram: Top is done. #WIP #daddysquilt #quilt #quilting #sewing #fishing from Instagram: Pillows to match #daddysquilt are finished blocks. #WIP Should I finish them as one reversible pillow or back them and have two finished pillows? #quilting #quilt #pillow #sewing from Instagram: Quit backing is pieced. Ready for batting. Top is pieces. Pillows are done and ready for fiberfill. #WIP #sewing #fishing #daddysquilt #quilting #sewing #quilt #quiltersofinstagram #modafabrics from Instagram:

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Quilty distractions…

Needing a distraction. This is my #WIP for the day. #craftbloggers #quilting #quilt #fishing #daddysquilt from Instagram:

Working on a new project and mood change. #WIP #quilt #quilting #craftbloggers #mood #behappy from Instagram:

The beginnings of a sewing machine cover for my Bernina 550QE. #sewing #craftbloggers #behappy #mood #quilting #sewingaccessories #bernina #bernina550qe from Instagram:

WIP Weekend


I’ve been enjoying working hard on my projects lately. I’m putting away my Patriotic Angel until the next appropriate holiday. I finished my Be Happy banner and need to get a frame for it, 8×5 I believe. Now I’m working on AppleBlossom’s birth sampler of Holly Hobbie design. I have a mermaid one picked out for the princess, but I’m undecided on Rascal and I need to pick one out for my best friend’s expected daughter to do too…

(Not pictured) I have also set aside the Treasured Friend project for my mama, as I need to look at something other than ivory on kahki stitches for a bit.

This quilt top is finished and waiting on borders. I’m not as in love with it put together as I was when I was piecing it. It’s the first time I’ve ever used charm packs.

Frontier Girls

I’ve put badges on the Princess’ Penguin (pink) vest. I’ve put the Otter level ribbons and level tab on AppleBlossom’s vest and we’re working on re-earning some badges to add back to this level (yellow). I’ve also put a genealogy badge on my vest (well because it’s me and I couldn’t not order that one for me!). I’ve already put the Gen Award on my vest, and we need to add it to AppleBlossom’s vest for her Penguin level accomplishments. I also added a Patriot ribbon to all of our level tabs in honor of my father’s military service in the U.S. Air Force (before I was born). But I also think of my brother-in-law when I see it as well (U.S. Navy submariner).

Tuesday – triumphant finishing! {quilt}

I know I should wait for a Friday Finished post. But I’m too excited I have to share. My mom found a panel and fabric coordinates and I added borders and made it giant babbie (aka blankie) or small quilt for my friend Jen’s baby. I hope she’ll like it. I’m not jealous after spending all this time with the softness of the fabrics! If you’re curious. Something on sidelines that I do from time to time is personalized baby gifts, or just any gifts (embroidery, sewing and the like). I can also make winter scouting vests… and I have a few other products in the works. Just ask!

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Sew ‘n Tell Friday

Hmm… This was a fun week as Grandmama and Grandaddy visited for a few days. I had intended to keep up with my cross stitching but instead I was able to get some things done on my beloved Bernina (with Grandmama’s help and influence!). We completed the girls Frontier Girls Vests and mine is in progress. I had to go back and forth when I was ordering our badges because AppleBlossom is completing more than we can afford to buy. So for individual things that are not hugely something she’s proud of I’m going to have to figure something else out. But I plan to get us organized and go over things officially with them as so far it’s been more on the random. AppleBlossom has finished another!! cross stitch kit, this time a butterfly and has begged to get started on the second butterfly the Enginerd bought her. So. . .

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A Healing Heart by Angela Breidenbach {Preview}

Mara Keegan is an uber-successful mother and a widow of three years. She’s been chasing success and all the “good things in life” for her family to make up for the cruel whim God played on them by taking her husband. In an effort to be the perfect mom, she decides to make a photo memory quilt, a graduation present for her daughter, Cadence.

She’s not yet finished when she experiences a heart attack. While Mara recuperates, she revisits the choices she’s made that led to this physically and spiritually broken heart. The memory quilt must be finished in time for Cadence’s big day, but Mara struggles with her burgeoning feelings for the man who must keep Mara’s business going during her recovery, Joel Ryan. Can Joel find his way into Mara’s heart and onto Cadence’s quilt?

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I got a new sewing machine!

Oooh! I am one happy camper, thanks to the wonderful Enginerd I finally have a new sewing machine, and one that I can quilt with! (As soon as I really figure it out…) I’m so delighted to have a brand spanking new Bernina 550 QE (Quilter’s Edition). It is silver and white and oh so fancy. I am over the top delighted! 🙂 So if you know anyone interested… I have a Babylock Xscape to sell for a pittance… I also have a very rarely used Babylock Walking Foot. FYI!

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Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts by Shannon Gingrich Shirley

Do you have your children’s artwork hanging on your walls or refrigerator doors? Have you saved their artwork since they were young, but you don’t know what to do with it? This fun, do-it-yourself quilting book offers a chance to preserve your children’s artwork by incorporating it into quilts and other fiber art projects. Small quilts for wall hanging or full-size quilts for snuggling will be enjoyed all the more when they are decorated with these childhood keepsakes. Projects range from simple and quick to elaborate and time-consuming works of art. Chapters include artwork selection, techniques, combining multiple pieces of art, product lists, and a glossary of terms. A gallery of completed works will inspire your own creative ideas. Instruction for both novice and seasoned quilters is provided. What a great way to recreate and preserve the artwork from the special children in your life.

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Time Out Quilts

Time Out Quilts by Atkinson Designs Genre: Quilt Pattern Book Pages: 28 pages Date Published: 2008 Publisher: Atkinson Designs My rating: 4 of 5 stars TIME OUT QUILTS #ATK-607 Traditional quilts in less time. If you can take the calories out of cheesecake by using low fat ingredients, why not take some of the time out of traditional quilts with a few shortcuts? 7 quilts in multiple sizes $16.95  I really loved making this Bricks and Stones quilt (~page 19). All of the other quilts in this book look great as well. I’m mostly finished, just adding the border and then the top will be complete. I found that the instructions were clear and the pictures were great. All and all this is a better of quilt books than some others I have messed with. In the future I would not hesitate to buy more books from Atkinson Designs. *I bought. . .

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Bricks and Stones ♥Update♥

The other day I mentioned that I was working on my Bricks and Stones quilt… see that post HERE with pictures of the pattern and fabric I’m using. I just wanted to give an update. All my blocks are pieced. Now I’m in the process of squaring them up. As AppleBlossom just went down for a nap, I’m hoping to be very productive! I have stitched the top row together and when the blocks are squared up then I plan to chain piece some of the rows to make it faster and easier on my machine. La ti da!!

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I’m Quilting, what are you doing?

Yes, you read that right. I’m quilting. Or at least that’s the plan. As soon as I leave the computer. With the hopes that AppleBlossom will let me (as she adventures around squealing on the floor… eight steps, crash, five steps, tumble…). Current project comes from the Atkinson Designs Time Out Quilts book that I bought at Sweet Home Quilt Company in Georgia. (Hey Melisa miss you!) I’m making the Bricks and Stones pattern (see the example from ‘s website in a kit they sell) in some Robert Kaufman fabric also from Sweet Home Quilt Co. How beautiful are those prints!! This is my first Asian inspired quilt and I’m so ready to see it completed. I will not tell you when I bought the material and started…

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Dr. Hess Udder Oinment

As a hand quilter and as person who cross stitches (in my spare time…) my fingers get pricked quite a bit and it just a part of the trade. When it has been a while, and I go back to it, there is always a day or two of sore finger tips until I can get a bit of a callus to protect it. Yet all the time, my saving grace for pain has been udder cream. I first discovered it in the check out line at a craft shop and now I cannot hardly live without it. Just rubbing a bit on my finger tips is all I need and I receive extreme relief. In years past I have always used the brand Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and I love it. But just recently thanks to ChicExecs I discovered Dr. Hess Udder Oinment. “Simply the best healing skin cream. . .

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