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Product Review & Giveaway: Rockin’ Baby Sling #babywearing

This giveaway is now closed, but please enjoy the review. So picture this. It’s Thanksgiving Holidays, the Enginerd’s parents are up for the week to spend time with AppleBlossom (grandchild #1 for them), we decided to take them sight seeing to a town nearby with an adorable township (bigger than our own). We are walking by the train (permanently resting), visiting the Village Toy Maker’s Shop, and an adorable restaurant called the Silver Caboose and Side Car Market (french onion soup is to die for!). While the Enginerd goes into the Bike shop to get a part to fix my tire we walk down the street. I’m sporting my Belle Baby Carrier with holding a blanket up over her to keep out the chill. In this area normally as I walk about people always comment on my carrier, yet in this instance it was I who commented on the babywear. . .

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